CoffeeLifious and the Highly-Caffeinated Path

Simon, main author of CoffeeLifious

Hey guys, my name’s Simon and for me, coffee is that precious black liquid that makes me happy, productive and energized.

My deep interest in anything coffee really took off in 2018 and I quickly realized that I have a specific preference for drinks that are jam-packed with caffeine.

In fact – ‘highly caffeinated’ is what I’m all about when it comes to coffee.

This explains why I LOVE ristretto so much, which is a highly concentrated type of coffee derived from espresso.

But my relationship with coffee drinks wasn’t always that smooth.

In fact, it has been a rather weird one, to be honest.

That’s why I couldn’t be bothered with starting each day with a nice cup of Joe.

A few years ago I thought that I didn’t really need any caffeine to kickstart my day…

Okay, but… why?

Because I foolishly thought that caffeine is for weak and that I can be just as productive and energetic without it.

Sure, that’s definitely doable and I don’t deny that.

As I Grew Older I Started Realizing How Precious Caffeine Can Be!

Once family life, work and other real-life things got a firm hold of me, I realized that I need that extra bit of kick to the butt to keep going.

And that’s how it all started for me.

Coffee and caffeine became close friends of mine.

I even still remember the first coffee maker that I bought – a so-so Tchibo Cafissimo capsule coffee machine.

Sure, it was noisy and the coffee wasn’t anything to write home about, but it sparked my interest in caffeine-loaded drinks in general.

In fact, my favorite coffee drinks are those strong, highly-caffeinated types like the very eye-opening double espresso!

Currently, I’m using the lovely Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me  that I bought because it’s super compact, dead easy to clean and delivers great coffee in no time.

One thing led to another and I decided to transfer my love and passion for coffee by creating a coffee-themed website.

Not just yet another site about coffee though…

Why Was CoffeeLifious Created?

To share my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for anything-coffee with you!

I wanted to provide you guys with a certain place on the internet that serves as the ultimate resource for coffee lovers across the globe.

In short, on CoffeeLifious you’ll be able to find lots of information regarding coffee such as:

Basically, this is only a minor portion of all the valuable, resourceful and highly relevant info that I’ve gathered for you here on CoffeeLifious.

You can rest assured that I’ve spent countless hours online looking for accurate info and data concerning coffee brewing methods, top coffee makers, types of coffee drinks, etc.

I’m doing my best to give you honest and reliable information and I’ll always continue to do so.

Or in other words, you’ll never see me making things up or giving unfair ratings.

Everything on CoffeeLifious is based on real, accurate data and ratings – this will never change!

Famous Coffee Aficionados Throughout History

Coffee is much more than a drink… and you know this.

This caffeine-based liquid goodness has been around for centuries and unsurprisingly it has gathered quite a few fans throughout the years.

The unmistakable aroma, taste and flavor notes of coffee have also captivated a bunch of famous people that you can read about below!

CoffeeLifious About page, Johann Sebastian Bach portrait
By Elias Gottlob Haussmann –, Public Domain,

Johann Sebastian Bach

Apart from being a world-renowned compositor and musician from Germany during the baroque period, Bach was also an avid coffee lover.

But what’s even more astonishing is that he wrote a secular cantata titled Coffee Cantata, sometime between 1732 and 1735.

In fact, this was more of a miniature comic opera that portrayed a story about being addicted to coffee.

CoffeeLifious About page, Benjamin Franklin portrait
By Joseph Duplessis – ZgEyj5EEKdux-g at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level, Public Domain,

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was a polymath, politician and political philosopher, you probably wouldn’t think that he has anything to do with java.

Apparently, one of the founding fathers of the US was also a great coffee aficionado.

Mr. Franklin like coffee so much that he even told his sister to send his mail to a coffee shop in London, UK!

CoffeeLifious About page, Ludwig van Beethoven portrait
By Joseph Karl Stieler –, Public Domain,

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The famed German pianist and composer is hailed as one of the greatest composers in Western music.

And he also drank coffee – huge amounts of it!

In fact, the popular German composer was so pedantic about his coffee consumption, that reports reveal that Beethoven would count 60 beans cup, by hand.

By La Biblioteca Real de Dinamarca –, Public Domain,

Søren Kierkegaard

Kierkegaard was a popular Christian poet, philosopher and theologian hailing from Denmark who lived during the 19th century.

According to biographer Joakim Garff, Mr. Kiekergaard had a very unique way of drinking java.

He would fill his cup to the brim with sugar and then pour black coffee on top, which would then dissolve the sugar pyramid… wow!

CoffeeLifious is on YouTube as well!

The Information On CoffeeLifious is 100% Free & Genuine

That’s right – all the content that you’ll find on this website was made for YOU!

Regardless, whether you’re just making baby steps into the world of coffee or if you’re already a seasoned coffee aficionado.

Feel free to browse through CoffeeLifious, as much and as often as you’d like.

I really wanted to make this website the go-to source for java lovers by providing the most accurate and honest info out there.

And I truly hope that the site is successful in doing so (you be the judge).

Who Says That Enjoying Quality & Tasty Coffee Has to Be Rocket Science?

Sure, beans matter, roasting matters, grinding matters and brewing matters as well.

But at its core coffee is coffee – there’s no need to overcomplicate things.

That’s why here you’ll find pragmatic and to-the-point information, tips, tricks and hacks that’ll take your coffee game to another level.

Without being overly pretentious or pompous.

After all, enjoying a nice cup of Joe isn’t supposed to be quantum physics.

Cheers and God bless,

Simon Slavchev
(Co-founder and author of CoffeeLifious)

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