Simon - founder of CoffeeLifious
Yup, that’s me – enjoying a nice cup of drip coffee!

Hey guys, my name’s Simon and I’m a coffee person, just like you. But my relationship with coffee drinks has been a rather weird one, to be honest.

Regardless – coffee, java, Joe, a hot drink made from roasted coffee beans… doesn’t matter how you’re going to call it, because I simply LOVE it!

However, several years ago I thought that I was superman and couldn’t be bothered with starting each day with a nice cup of Joe.


Because I foolishly thought that caffeine is the for weak and that I can be just as productive and energetic without it.

Sure, that’s definitely doable, but after family life, work and other real-life things got a firm hold of me, I realized that I need that extra bit of kick to the butt to keep going.

And that’s how it all started for me.

Coffee and caffeine became close friends of mine.

I even still remember the first coffee maker that I bought – a so-so Tchibo coffee machine that worked with capsules only.

Sure, it was noisy and the coffee wasn’t anything to write home about, but it sparked my interest in anything-coffee.

One thing led to another and I decided to transfer my love and passion for coffee by creating a coffee-themed website.

Not just yet another site about coffee though…

Why Did I Decide To Create CoffeeLifious?

To share my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for coffee with you!

I wanted to provide all you guys with a certain place on the web that acts as the ultimate resource for coffee lovers across the globe.

In short, on CoffeeLifious you’ll be able to find lots of information regarding coffee such as:

  • How to brew strong coffee
  • What the ideal temperature for brewing is
  • Properly cleaning your coffee maker
  • Best coffee machines under $100 and even under $50
  • The difference between various coffee drinks e.g. latte and mocha

Basically, this is only a minor portion of all the valuable, resourceful and highly relevant info that I’ve gathered for you here on CoffeeLifious.

You can rest assured that I’ve spent countless hours online looking for accurate info and data concerning coffee brewing methods, top coffee makers, types of coffee drinks, etc.

Also, I really want to point out that NONE of my product reviews or comparisons are biased!

I’m doing my best to give you honest and reliable information and I’ll always continue to do so.

All the coffee makers and other coffee products that I’m listing as the top options in their respective segments are based on their respective Amazon ratings.

For example, If a particular single-serve coffee machine is ranked at #1 among all single-cup coffee makers on Amazon, you bet that I’ll tell you that it’s the best one in its class!

Or in other words, you’ll never see me making things up or giving unfair ratings.

Everything on CoffeeLifious is based on real and accurate data (Amazon user ratings etc.) and that will never change!

The Information On CoffeeLifious Is 100% Free And All Of The Content Was Created For YOU!

That’s right.

Feel free to browse through CoffeeLifious, as much and as often as you’d like.

I really wanted to make this website the go-to source for java lovers by providing the most accurate and honest info out there.

And I truly hope that I succeeded in doing so.

So, don’t hesitate to stick around and feel free to reach out to me at simonsaysnow777@gmail.com

After all, this site was created for YOU, the coffee enthusiast!


— Simon (Co-founder and author of CoffeeLifious)