Best cold brew coffee maker

The BEST Cold Brew Coffee Makers (Pros, Cons + More)

Cold brew coffee is easier to make than a traditional coffee pot, it’s less acidic (yet still strong) and it’s packed with an impeccable flavor. That’s also one of the best sellers in coffee shops across the globe. But now with the help of the best cold brew coffee makers, you can prepare this hard-to-resist drink from the comfort of your home.

Our Top Pick
Toddy® Cold Brew System
Largest Capacity
Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee...
OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee...
ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker...
County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker,...
User Rating
1.5 L (50.7 oz)
0.94 L (31.7 oz) or 1.89 L (63.9 oz)
0.94 L (32 oz)
1 L (34 oz)
0.94 L (32 oz) or 1.8 L (60.8 oz)
Our Top Pick
Toddy® Cold Brew System
User Rating
1.5 L (50.7 oz)
More Information
Largest Capacity
Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee...
User Rating
0.94 L (31.7 oz) or 1.89 L (63.9 oz)
More Information
OXO Good Grips 32 Ounce Cold Brew Coffee...
User Rating
0.94 L (32 oz)
More Information
ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker...
User Rating
1 L (34 oz)
More Information
County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker,...
User Rating
0.94 L (32 oz) or 1.8 L (60.8 oz)
More Information

So… what’s the best one?

After carefully considering the absolute best products on the market, we came to the conclusion that the Toddy Cold Brew System  is our top pick.


Because it’s easy to operate, cleaning it is a breeze, it delivers an ultra-concentrated cup of cold brew goodness and it comes at a more than a decent price!

However, there are other cold brew coffee makers out there that offer similar quality and as you can see in the paragraphs below.

The 10 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers On The Market

Note that we’ve hand-picked all of these 10 cold brew systems because they’re simply the best ones on the market right now.

Also see:

Still, although each of them will be able to deliver an authentic cold brew experience, some brewers just do it better!

Toddy Cold Brew System

1. Toddy Cold Brew System  – Best Overall & Our Pick

Capacity: 1.5 L (50.7 oz)
Price: $$

Toddy’s cold brew system comes with an easy to clean and use design as it basically offers the most hassle-free cold brew experience.

It makes robust-tasting, full-bodied and rich cold-brew coffee that you’re bound to love if you’re into this type of java.

This model is also well-build while featuring a brewing container, a glass carafe and a paper reusable filter that separates sediment from the concentrate.

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There’s also a fine-mesh filter and a rubber stopper that act as an extra protective layer.

Basically, this coffee maker makes cold brew java that’s less-acidic, easy on the stomach and, best of all it doesn’t require any electricity to make your favorite drink.

On top of that, the coffee concentrate in the Toddy coffee brew system stays fresh for up to 2 weeks without any change to the flavor.


  • Reduces sediment
  • Large filter area
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Coffee sediment remains flavourful for up to 2 weeks


  • You will have to buy new filters every 3 months on average
  • Not optimal for smaller batches of cold brew (makes large batches only)

Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

2. Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker  – Largest Volume (the 63.9-oz version)

Capacity: 0.94 L (31.7 oz) or 1.89 L (63.9 oz)
Price: $

This deluxe cold brew system delivers mouth-watering cold brew coffee thanks to Takeya’s extensive Japanese design heritage.

And somewhat surprisingly it comes at a relatively low price considering the quality it offers.

There’s a stainless steel filter, a BPA-free Tritan pitcher, a non-slip silicone handle and an airtight, leak-proof lid meaning that this coffee maker can be stored on its side.

Besides, the Tritan plastic used can withstand both high and Tritan plastic withstands both freezing low and hot temperatures in case you want a cup of hot coffee.

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Additionally, this coffee maker ensures that sediments won’t be seeping through into your cup of Joe thanks to the fine-mesh filter.

Also, this Takeya cold brew system makes highly-concentrated coffee that’s less acidic coffee in comparison to traditional brewers.

Lastly, there are two sizes available to meet your weekly coffee needs and enjoy fresh cold brew even on the go.


  • Quality Japanese design
  • Airtight seal retains coffee freshness for longer
  • Leakproof
  • Safe to use and BPA-free


  • The side handle is a bit flimsy so make sure to hold it tight to prevent spilling
  • Still made of plastic

OXO BREW Cold Brew Coffee Maker (32 ounces) with 10 Paper Filters

3. OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

Capacity: 0.94 L (32 oz)
Price: $$$

If you want a system that allows for greater experimentation, then the OXO cold brew maker will definitely be up your street.

This brewer leaves minimal sediment and produces robust and rich flavor while at the same time. being easy to assemble and use.

Then there’s the uniquely-styled “rainmaker” lid is here to contribute to optimal flavor extraction.

This is achieved by distributing the water that’s in contact with the grounds more evenly and the great flavor user ratings of this coffee maker speak for themselves.

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It’s also sufficiently quick as your fresh batch of cold brew coffee will be ready within 12 to 24 hours.

After that, you can store it in the fridge and enjoy fresh-tasting cold brew for the next 2 weeks.

Besides, the OXO 32-oz capacity system is made of borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel, while the ultra-fine mesh filter makes it easy to clean and reuse.


  • Comes with a measuring lid
  • Small countertop footprint
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


  • It looks a bit bulky on the countertop
  • Pricey

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout

4. Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser 

Capacity: 1 L (34 oz)
Price: $$

The Ovalware cold brew coffee system enjoys quite a bit of popularity as it’s mainly praised for its easy-to-use and easy-to-clean nature.

It’s easy to see why since it’s dishwasher-safe, thus ensuring a hassle-free cleanup.

However, that’s not at the expense of making quality cold brew java because this Ovalware model still produces low-acidic and highly-concentrated coffee that’s rich in taste.

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Also, it’s quite versatile as you can use it to prepare coffee and even hot or iced tea (as well as loose-leaf tea) as it is designed to both be a cold brew system and a traditional teapot all in one.

Regardless, the fantastic airtight seal is probably one of the best attributes of this Owalvare system.

This airtight seal enables you to give your coffee or tea a nice shake while also locking in the freshness for up to 14 days.

Last but not least, it’s made of extra-thick borosilicate glass, stainless steel and BPA-free silicone for added durability.


  • Quality materials
  • Can brew hot/cold coffee or tea
  • 90-days return and a full refund


  • The bottom cannot be unscrewed
  • The filter isn’t that great at preventing finer grounds from passing through

Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker by County Line Kitchen

5. Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker by County Line Kitchen 

Capacity: 0.94 L (32 oz) or 1.8 L (64 oz)
Price: $$

Wrapping up the top 5 models is County Line Kitchen’s trusty mason jar design with the help of which you can make smooth and rich cold brew.

It features a stainless steel filter gasket with a heavy-duty mesh filter and thanks to having no sharp edges, this coffee maker is easy to use and should serve you a long time.

All that you have to do is fill the basket with coffee grounds, top off with cold water and you will have your cold brew coffee within 24 hours.

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Even though it retains coffee freshness for just 7 days (less than most competitors), this cold brew system might be an ideal option for those of you who drink coffee in moderate amounts.

Additionally, it comes with an airtight, durable flip-cap lid to ensure that the brewer is sealed tightly and that you can enjoy leak-proof pouring.

It’s also worth mentioning that all components are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning it a quick and simple task.


  • Made of high-quality, BPA-free and FDA-compliant materials
  • No sharp edges
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The brew is a little bit gritty
  • Retains freshness for only 7 days

Primula PCBBK-5351 Pace Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

6. Primula Pace Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker 

Capacity: 1.5 L (51 oz)
Price: $

Primula’s Pace Cold Brew System boasts an innovative design, extra-tough and temperature-safe borosilicate glass and a super-fine mesh filter.

However – it’s also our budget pick from this list as it’s dirt cheap, especially considering its 1.6 quarts capacity that can brew multiple cups at a time.

And in a similar fashion to most pot-style brewers, all you need to do is to put coarse grounds inside, insert the brew filters, pour water, and let it sit for 24 hours.

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Once 24 hours have passed you will find plenty of smooth, sediment-free coffee that tastes great awaiting you!

And thanks to the Pace Cold Brew System your coffee will stay fresh and nice-tasting for up to 14 days past the brew date.

It’s also carefully designed to provide drip-free serving while being dishwasher safe, thus sporting a superb easy-to-clean rating.


  • Fits most fridges
  • Drip-free pour
  • Removable filter bottom


  • A few customers complained that the glass is too thin

Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Coffee Bear

7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Coffee Bear 

Capacity: 1.3 L (44 oz)
Price: $$

The Coffee Bear cold brewing system yields a sweet, smooth cold brew experience with no bite and 60% less acidity.

It takes 12 to 24 hours to brew enough cold brew java for the next few weeks.

And this model also boasts a 30% thicker borosilicate glass carafe than most other similar brewers on the market.

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Not only that but thanks to the locking lid, this cold brew system seals in those delicate flavors, while maintains freshness as well.

Also, the multi-use mesh filter makes this coffee maker rather versatile and ideal for making both coffee and tea.

And to ensure mess-free use, Coffee Bear has integrated a BPA-free, removable and non-slip base that prevents accidental bumps and ensures safe pouring.

Disassembling this unit is quite easy too as it only takes a couple of minutes and when you want to clean it you can either rinse it with water or throw in the dishwasher.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • Rust-proof mesh filter
  • Comes with a free cold brew recipe book


  • Coffee lovers who prefer a stronger brew say that the coffee made with this cold brew system is too “light”
  • Not leakproof and airtight

Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit - Brewer with Scoop and Loading Funnel

8. Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit 

Capacity: 1.38 L (47 oz)
Price: $$

Coffee Gator’s very own cold brew system comes with a very slick design and some tricks up its sleeve.

This cold brew maker comes with a collapsible funnel and metal scoop that make adding coffee grounds and water much tidier, compared to other models.

Due to it offering 67% less acid-taste you will be able to enjoy a sweeter cold brew that’ll stay fresh for weeks.

Check Price on Amazon

And you get to choose between 12 or 24 hours of brewing as the longer the process – the stronger your java will be.

Besides, the ground filter is easy to detach and the bottom that can be unscrewed justifies the easy-to-clean rating that this brewer has.

And the cherry on top here is the free measuring scoop that this cold brew system comes with to prevent spills in the kitchen.


  • Stays fresh for weeks
  • Comes with a collapsible funnel, reusable filter, and free measuring tool
  • The filter cap is easy to clean as it can be unscrewed


  • The lid is not airtight
  • Low-capacity

Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

9. Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker  – Easiest to Use

Capacity: 0.94 L (32 oz)
Price: $$

If you are into making various coffee-based drinks, then this Bean Envy cold brew coffee maker is what you’re looking for.

But since we’re exclusively talking about cold brew here, it will help you to achieve a smoother and 70% less acidic flavor.

Now, it’s made of durable shock-resistant borosilicate glass, while including a 304 stainless steel filter and a lid with silicone rings.

All of this helps this cold brew system deliver an almost coffee shop-like quality cold brew at a decent price.

Check Price on Amazon

It’s also quite fast and easy to use as each brewing session lasts between 12 to 24 hours, depending on how strong you want your brew to be.

As for cleaning and maintaining it, simply rinse it with water and your Bean Envy coffee maker will ready for another use.

Besides, this cold brew system fits any fridge or counter while also being mess-free as this makes it a good candidate for many offices as well.


  • Made of BPA-free materials
  • Includes a tight-fitting silicone cap as a gift
  • Exceptionally thick borosilicate glass


  • The filter is not that easy to clean
  • Could do with a higher capacity

KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker-Brushed Stainless Steel

10. KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker-Brushed Stainless Steel  – Most Stylish

Capacity: 0.82 L (28 oz) or 1.1 L (38 oz)
Price: $$$

The streamlined design of the KitchenAid coffee brew system definitely makes it stand out among the competition in terms of style.

It’s built of thick glass and stainless steel, spigot that makes this brewer quite durable so that you may enjoy the full-bodied, smooth and rich flavor longer.

In terms of capacity, it can either hold 28 or 32 ounces, while the built-in stainless steel cap and handle are meant to make dispensing and portability easier.

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Now, using it is dead simple and easy – in fact, this is arguably the easiest to use cold brew system on this list!

All that you need to do is fill it with coffee and cold water and wait for 12 or 24 hours in case you want to cold brew your coffee in the fridge.

Also, there’s no second-guessing when it comes to brewing with KitchenAid, as this system comes with fill level indicators.

Lastly, the KitchenAid cold brew system is able to preserve the taste of your precious java for up to 2 weeks.


  • Small footprint
  • Comes with a carrying handle
  • Reusable stainless steel steeper


  • Expensive
  • A few customers report that it lets a lot of sediment through

Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit - Brewer with Scoop and Loading Funnel

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Picking the right model largely depends on what your specific needs for a cold brew system are.

Do you want an efficient, yet simpler and hassle-free model or are you looking for something fancier that gives you more control over the cold brew process?

Well, to make your life easier we’ve singled out 5 key things to consider:

Ease of Use

In and of itself, the cold brew process is quite straightforward – add coffee grounds, pour water and wait.

And while some cold brew coffee makers are dead simple to use, others seem to overcomplicate things by calling for certain blooming techniques and specific grind consistency.

So you have to make your mind:

Do you want a simple and easy to use cold brew system that simply gets the job done?

Or do you want to become a master of the cold brew by delving deep into the ins and outs of this brewing method via a complex cold brew coffee maker?

Besides, cold brew is cold brew so you might find it hard to pick any subtle difference that might result from a fancier and more complicated model.

And since we think that ease of use factor is eventually more important, our top 10 list of hand-picked models logically consists of only easy-to-use options and nothing too fancy or complicated.

Size & Capacity

This one is directly related to what amount of cold brew concentrate you might need.

Sure, a bigger brewer will most likely have a larger capacity but this will come at the expense of taking up more space in your kitchen counter, fridge or shelf.

So if you’re kitchen is already quite cluttered, your best bet would be to get a smaller capacity model that’s both shorter and slimmer.

And this is even better if you’re used to diluting your concentrate since each batch will last you longer as you’ll basically increase the total volume of cold brew that you have.

Material Quality

Some cold brew coffee makers are made of plastic, others of glass, ceramic and even stainless steel.

And some are even made of a combination of these materials so it’s easy to get lost.

Now, the material quality is one of the main factors that determine the price of a given product, although you might be on a tight budget.

But don’t worry if that’s the case as even a plastic cold brew system might suffice, just make sure it’s made of quality, BPA-free plastic.


You’ll notice that most cold brew coffee systems either us a reusable metal filter or a paper one.

Which one is better?

This depends on what your priorities are – do you want an easy cleanup or less sediment in your coffee mug?

Metal filters tend to be more mess-free and easier to clean, although there will be more sediment in your coffee.

Paper filters, on the other hand, won’t lead to any sediment but they might create quite a mess in case of a spillage or when the paper itself is damaged.

Ultimately, if you’re a cold brew purist you’ll most likely opt for a paper filter.

Specific Grind Type

You’re probably already familiar with the fact that most cold brew systems call for coarsely ground coffee beans.

There’s a good reason for that since a coarser grind is the best type of grind for making cold brew coffee.


Because using coarse coffee grounds makes the filtration process more effortless while reducing the bitterness of the coffee as well.

However, always stick to the recommended type of grind and make sure that you can grind the coffee beans prior to each brewing session to ensures the best experience.

Best cold brew coffee maker, a cup of iced coffee


What Makes Cold Brew Coffee So Amazing?

These are the top 5 reasons as to why you should consider trying cold brew coffee (if you haven’t already):

1. Almost 70% Less Acidity

The cold brew process results in a much smoother coffee that’s not as bitter and acidic as java that’s brewed by using heat.

That’s because when ground coffee comes in contact with hot water, it releases more of its natural fats and oils that contain plenty of acidic compounds.

As a result, you’re getting a bitter taste that might be okay when it’s in a hot cup of Joe, but this bitterness is absolute “bleh” if it appears in cold coffee.

Thus, cold brew coffee can be a better option for coffee lovers who are subject to heartburn or experience stomach discomfort when drinking hot coffee.

2. Convenient and Easy to Use

Instead of torturing yourself with specific brewing techniques, cold brew offers heaps of convenience as you only need coffee grounds, water and some patience.

Simply add the coffee grounds to a jar (or a cold brew coffee maker), pour some water on top and let them steep for 12 to 24 hours in a cool place.

There’s no doubt that convenience is crucial in today’s fast-paced world and even better – you don’t even need electricity to make cold brew coffee!

3. Improved Taste and Flavor

Thanks to the brewing method used in cold brew, you’ll be able to explore some unique flavors that are otherwise not present in hot java.

We’re talking about chocolate and fruit undertones wrapped in a well-balanced and sweeter flavor profile.

This means that sweeter coffee beans, particularly from South and Central America make for a great pair with the cold brew method.

That’s because the highly-concentrated cold brew solution remains stable with all the flavors present even after the filtration/extraction process.

4. Incredible Versatility

Cold-brew comes with a wide variety of alternative recipes that you can base off of your cold brew concentrate.

Essentially, your imagination is the ultimate limiting factor as you can choose to add anything from non-dairy coffee cream to sparkling water.

In fact, you can even make various cocktails and fruit infusions with this concentrate.

It’s safe to say that you can add cold brew java to just about any drink to give it that extra punch of smoothness and deep coffee flavors.

5. Extended Freshness

The oxidization process in regular hot coffee begins after only  ~30 mins as this is when the coffee starts to break down and eventually go stale.

But java brewed with the cold technique stays fresh for much longer – up to 2 weeks.

However, the cold brew concentrate will be at its best for up 10 days past the brew date.

Regardless, the deterioration in both taste and flavor is much, much slower when the coffee is brewed without using hot water.

Best cold brew coffee maker, refrigerator

What About Putting Hot Coffee in the Fridge?

That’s an absolutely bad idea as not only will you ruin the taste of your hot coffee, but you won’t be anywhere near the greatness of cold brew as well.

Simply putting hot coffee into the fridge would make it taste more bitter due to a result of a chemical reaction that takes place when hot coffee is cooled.

You see, the main difference between hot and cold brew is time:

Cold brew takes much more time than brewing a regular cup of hot coffee because it relies on time as the extraction method (instead of heat).

Thus, instead of using hot water for the extraction process, in cold brew you leave the coffee to sit for 12 or 24 hours.

This means that all the fats and oils naturally found in coffee beans aren’t as broken down as when they’re exposed to heat.

And that’s exactly what gives you that specific full-bodied, less acidic and more flavourful cold brew taste.

So remember – even though it may seem easier to pour some coffee into a container and cool it in the fridge, the taste you’d get would be nothing like real cold brew coffee!


What is a cold brew coffee maker and how does it work?

A cold brew coffee maker is a device designed to brew coffee using cold water over an extended period.

Unlike traditional coffee brewing methods that use hot water to extract flavor from the coffee, cold brew coffee makers rely on time to achieve the same result.

The process involves soaking coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water for up to 24 hours.

The result is a smooth, flavorful, and less acidic coffee concentrate that can be mixed with water or milk to make a refreshing cup of cold brew coffee.

What exactly is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is simply coffee made with cold or room temperature water as opposed to hot water that you’d normally use to brew coffee with.

The real beauty behind the cold brew method is that it uses time as the extraction process.

And while it takes quite a bit of time (12-24 hours) compared to traditional coffee it results in less acidic and less bitter coffee that’s also smoother.

But if you’d like to learn more, head over to our What is Cold Brew Coffee ultimate guide to find more info about this brewing technique.

How to make cold brew coffee at home?

Here’s what you need to make about 1 quart (32 oz) of cold brew coffee:

  • 4 oz of coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 4 cups of water (32 oz)
  • 1 larger jar with a lid
  • 1 cheesecloth
  • 1 fine-mesh strainer


  1. Pour the coffee grounds and water into the jar
  2. Gently stir the mixture until it blends well
    Note: It’s normal for the coffee to float to the top!
  3. Seal the jar by screwing the lid
  4. Put in the fridge and let it steep for 18-24 hours for the best taste
  5. Strain the cold brew using the fine-mesh strainer and the cheesecloth
    Note: Don’t press or squeeze the coffee
  6. Once it’s strained, transfer the cold brew into a clean airtight jar
  7. Enjoy

Keep in mind that you can store your cold brew coffee in the fridge for up to 2 weeks – it won’t be any good taste-wise after that.

What are the benefits of using a cold brew coffee maker?

Cold brew coffee makers offer several advantages over traditional hot brewing methods.

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot coffee, making it easier on the stomach and teeth.

It also has a smoother, less bitter flavor profile and can be stored in the fridge for several days without losing its freshness or flavor.

Using a cold brew coffee maker is also more convenient and efficient than making coffee using a hot brew method, as it requires less monitoring and produces a larger batch at once.

What features should I look for in a cold brew coffee maker?

When choosing a cold brew coffee maker, consider factors such as capacity, filter type, ease of use and cleaning, and durability.

Capacity refers to the amount of coffee concentrate the maker can produce at one time, which can vary from a few cups to several liters.

The filter type should be sturdy enough to prevent grounds from entering the coffee but also easy to remove and clean.

Look for a maker that is simple to use and requires minimal preparation and setup.

A durable and high-quality material, such as glass or stainless steel, can ensure that your maker lasts for years.

How do I clean and maintain my cold brew coffee maker?

To clean your cold brew coffee maker, disassemble the components and rinse them with hot water.

You can use a brush or sponge to scrub away any stubborn coffee stains or residue.

If your maker is dishwasher safe, you can also run it through a cycle in the dishwasher.

After cleaning, let the components dry completely before reassembling the maker.

To maintain your cold brew coffee maker, make sure to store it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Regularly check the filter for clogs or damage and replace it as needed.

Can you use regular coffee for cold brew?

Absolutely – feel free to use your favorite coffee bean variety.

In fact, any regular coffee bean can be used for cold brew, but you should still be careful when it comes to the grind size.

Our suggestion is to opt for a coarser grind instead of a fine one.

And if you want to achieve the best taste and flavor possible, grind your beans at home to ensure optimal freshness.

What is the best roast for cold brew?

This is 100% down to your personal preference.

As a general rule of thumb, use the same coffee beans that you brew coffee when using a pour-over or a French press, despite the roast.

Most so-called coffee experts have varying opinions on the subject and it’s easy to see why.

For example, a darker roast will become even mellower while a lighter roast might lose a bit of its complexity when used in a cold brew.

Does cold brew have more caffeine than hot coffee?

No, contrary to popular belief cold brew has less caffeine than hot coffee.

But how is that possible when cold brew is much more concentrated than hot coffee as it uses a higher coffee-to-water ratio?

Because caffeine is more easily soluble in hot water in comparison to the cold or room temperature use during the cold brew process.

And this is the reason why hot coffee is more bitter than the smoother cold brew – the higher the caffeine content, the more bitter the taste will be as caffeine has a bitter taste.

Still, there are plenty of variables that affect the amount of caffeine in a drink such as how diluted it is.

Best cold brew coffee maker, coffee with water and ice

Is cold brew stronger than hot brew?

It depends.

Now, even though higher ratios are used for cold brew, it is generally weaker than hot brew.

However, you can always level the ratio up until you achieve the perfect strength of your cups.

How long can you store cold brew in the fridge?

You can store cold brew coffee in your fridge for up to 2 full weeks if it’s not diluted.

If you dilute the cold brew concentrate with water then it’ll be only good for around 2 to 3 days.

Generally though, the flavor of your cold brew concentrate will start deteriorating after a week.

Nonetheless, as you can see cold brew coffee has much better longevity than its hot counterpart that’s only good for several hours, no matter where you store it.

Is it possible to reuse ground coffee when preparing cold brew?

Nope, you should never reuse coffee grounds for any type of brew, be it hot or cold.

Basically, whatever type of brew you use, you are extracting the flavor.

Thus, there is nothing left in the coffee grounds that would be worth further extraction.

Or to put it in layman’s terms, ground coffee is only good for a single brewing session after which you’ll have to discard it.

Hold long does it take to prepare cold-brewed coffee?

It takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, depending on how bitter and strong you want it to be.

Anyway, most coffee aficionados tend to opt for an 18-24 hour steeping period.

Sure, when compared to espresso that’s relatively easy to make, cold brew requires much more time and patience, but hey – it’s worth it.

Does cold brew taste like iced coffee?

Not really since cold brew is less bitter and acidic than iced coffee.

And there’s a good reason for this – iced coffee is just regular (hot) coffee poured over ice cubes.

Cold-brew, on the other hand, relies on soaking the ground coffee using cold or room temperature water for 12 to 24 hours resulting in a smoother and more balanced drink.

How long should I steep coffee in a cold brew coffee maker?

The optimal steeping time for cold brew coffee varies depending on the coffee maker and personal preferences.

However, the general rule of thumb is to steep the coffee grounds in cold water for 12 to 24 hours.

A longer steeping time will result in a stronger and more concentrated brew, while a shorter steeping time will produce a milder flavor.

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a cold brew coffee maker to achieve the best results.

Can I make hot coffee with a cold brew coffee maker?

Yes, you can use a cold brew coffee maker to make hot coffee, but it will require some additional steps.

First, you need to make the cold brew concentrate by steeping coffee grounds in cold water as usual.

Once you have the coffee concentrate, you can mix it with hot water to make a hot cup of coffee.

The ratio of coffee concentrate to hot water will depend on your preference and the strength of the coffee concentrate.


They’re well-built, easy to clean, and nicely designed, each of the top cold brew coffee makers we reviewed in this post totally deserves to be among the top 10 on the market currently.

While some of them maximize shelf space, while others are more robust.

Check Price on Amazon

Regardless, all of them deliver a smooth, rich and less bitter (or even tea).

So… which of our top picks seems like “the one” for you?

And have you noticed any difference in the quality of your cold brew since you started using a cold brew coffee maker?

We would love to know so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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