How much Caffeine in Death Wish Coffee, A cup of death wish coffee

How much Caffeine in Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee has earned a reputation for being the world’s strongest coffee. But just how much caffeine is actually in Death Wish Coffee? Let’s take a closer look.

Key Takeaways: How much Caffeine in Death Wish Coffee

Topic Takeaway
Caffeine Content 660-728 mg per 12 oz cup, 4-6 times typical coffee
Source of Caffeine Robusta beans, dark roast style
Caffeine Limit Exceeds 400 mg daily limit with 1 cup
Potential Side Effects Jitters, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, anxiety
Health Risks Caution advised for those with conditions like anxiety, hypertension
Caffeine Kick Very intense but side effects likely
Taste Bold but may be too bitter for some
Recommended Intake No more than 1-2 cups per day

An Introduction to Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee has become popular among coffee drinkers looking for an extra caffeine kick. The company markets their coffee as being “fiercely strong” and not for the faint of heart. They even use a skull and crossbones logo on their packaging.

Average Caffeine Levels in Coffee

To understand how much caffeine is in Death Wish Coffee, it helps to know the average caffeine content of regular coffee:

Brewed coffee (12 oz)

  • Light roast: 72-165 mg
  • Medium roast: 102-200 mg
  • Dark roast: 115-165 mg

Espresso (1 oz)

  • Single shot: 47-75 mg
  • Double shot: 118-150 mg

As you can see, even a dark roast coffee rarely exceeds 165 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup. Death Wish Coffee claims to have 2-4 times more.

Estimating the Caffeine Content of Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee does not provide an official caffeine amount, however independent lab testing shows it likely contains:

  • 660-728 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup

This estimate is based on:

  • Lab tests conducted by EMSL Food Chemistry Testing in 2015
  • Tests showing 205 mg per 100 ml of brewed Death Wish Coffee
  • Recommended brewing ratio of 2.5 tbsp coffee per 6 oz water

At 660-728 mg of caffeine, Death Wish Coffee far exceeds typical coffee:

It’s also stronger than many energy drinks, which average about 80 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving.

How Much Caffeine is Safe Per Day?

How Much Caffeine is Safe Per Day, a cup of death wish coffee drawn on a paper

Consuming 660-728 mg of caffeine at once may sound alarming. But how much is actually safe?

The FDA recommends limiting caffeine intake to no more than 400 mg per day for healthy adults. Other guidelines suggest up to 600 mg daily is safe for most.

However, caffeine sensitivity varies greatly between individuals due to factors like:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Medications
  • Genetic differences in metabolizing caffeine

Those with anxiety, hypertension, or other health conditions may need to limit intake even further.

Pregnant women are advised to cap caffeine at 200 mg daily. For children and adolescents, 100 mg daily is the recommended limit.

The Dangers of Too Much Caffeine

Drinking high amounts of caffeine like that found in Death Wish Coffee can cause:

  • Jitters, anxiety, and nervousness
  • Gastrointestinal issues like nausea and stomach pain
  • Rapid heart rate and high blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Caffeine intoxication mimicking amphetamine overdose

In rare cases, toxic doses can be fatal. While extremely rare, there have been a few deaths linked to caffeine supplements and energy drinks with extremely high caffeine levels.

Who Should Avoid Death Wish Coffee?

Due to the risks of excess caffeine, certain people should use caution or avoid Death Wish Coffee altogether:

  • Those sensitive to caffeine or with anxiety disorders
  • People with high blood pressure or heart conditions
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Children and teenagers
  • Anyone taking stimulants like ADHD medication

For most healthy adults, 1-2 cups spaced out during the day should be safe. But effects will vary based on individual caffeine tolerance.

Tips for Drinking Death Wish Coffee Safely

If you want to give Death Wish Coffee a try, follow these tips to reduce health risks:

  • Start small – Only drink 1-2 oz your first few times trying it to assess tolerance.
  • Mind your dosage – Adhere to the recommended 2.5 tbsp coffee per 6 oz water. Exceeding this will jack up caffeine levels even higher.
  • Limit frequency – Max out at 1-2 cups per day, avoiding back-to-back days of drinking it.
  • Avoid other stimulants – Don’t combine with energy drinks, shots, or other caffeinated products.
  • Hydrate – Drink extra water to counteract caffeine’s dehydrating effects.
  • Listen to your body – Caffeine affects everyone differently. Stop drinking it if you experience adverse effects.

The Bottom Line on Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee lives up to its extreme reputation with caffeine levels of 660-728 mg per 12 oz cup. That’s roughly 4-6 times more than typical coffee brands.

While safe caffeine limits vary by individual, most experts recommend capping intake at 400 mg daily. Just one cup of Death Wish Coffee exceeds this entire daily allowance.

Drinking more than 600 mg at once can cause jitteriness, insomnia, GI problems, rapid heartbeat, and other unwelcome effects. Those with anxiety, hypertension, or caffeine sensitivity should use extreme caution or avoid Death Wish Coffee altogether.

When consumed responsibly by caffeine-tolerant individuals, Death Wish Coffee can provide an intense caffeine jolt. But restraint is advised with this dangerously strong brew.

Is the Caffeine Content in Death Wish Coffee Accurate?

Death Wish Coffee claims to have double the caffeine of average coffee. Independent lab tests back up their assertion that it contains 660-728 mg per 12 oz cup. But some wonder whether these estimates could be exaggerated.

There are several factors that support the accuracy of Death Wish’s caffeine claims:

Use of Robusta Beans

  • Death Wish uses a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans.
  • Robusta beans naturally contain almost double the caffeine of Arabica – 200-400 mg vs 100-200 mg per ounce.

Darker Roast Style

  • Death Wish roasts their beans very dark.
  • Dark roasts remove more caffeine during roasting than light or medium roasts.
  • But Robusta’s naturally high caffeine offsets this loss.

Caffeine Lab Testing

  • EMSL Food Chemistry lab found 205 mg caffeine per 100 ml brewed Death Wish in 2015.
  • This equals 660 mg in a 12 oz cup.
  • Further testing has confirmed similarly high amounts.

Consumer Experiences

  • Many Death Wish drinkers report intense caffeine effects matching the advertised strength.
  • Placebo effect could play a role, but effects appear consistent with lab values.

So while we can’t be 100% certain, all signs point to Death Wish Coffee delivering on its promises of dangerously high caffeine levels.

How Does Death Wish Coffee Have So Much Caffeine?

Death Wish Coffee achieves its sky-high caffeine content through a combination of factors:

High-Caffeine Robusta Beans

  • Up to 4x the caffeine content of Arabica beans
  • Naturally higher caffeine levels offset roasting loss

Darker Roast

  • Draws out chocolate, nutty flavors
  • But doesn’t remove as much caffeine as lighter roasts
  • Very high coffee to water ratio
  • 2.5 tbsp ground coffee per 6 oz water
  • Maximizes caffeine extraction

Possible Use of Additional Caffeine

  • While not proven, some suspect added caffeine boosts levels further
  • But robusta beans and brewing ratio alone could achieve 660+ mg

Caffeine Testing to Verify Strength

  • Lab testing ensures target caffeine amount of 660+ mg per cup
  • Roasting process fine-tuned to achieve desired milligram amount

In short, Death Wish combines caffeine-rich beans, strong brewing, and lab verification to create one of the most highly caffeinated coffees on the market.

How Does Death Wish Coffee Taste?

How Does Death Wish Coffee Taste, woman sipping, a cup of coffee in hand

With sky-high caffeine levels, you might expect Death Wish Coffee to taste terrible. But most reviewers say it offers robust, flavorful coffee despite the caffeine punch.

Here’s an overview of the taste and mouthfeel you can expect from Death Wish Coffee:

  • Strong and bold – Robust, in-your-face coffee flavor
  • Smooth – Surprisingly not bitter or burnt tasting
  • Cocoa and nutty notes – Dark chocolate and almond flavors
  • Thick and syrupy – Heavy mouthfeel similar to espresso
  • Bitter aftertaste – Can leave a bitter flavor at the end

The dark roast style offers rich, intense coffee flavor that many love. But it’s not for everyone. People sensitive to bitterness may find it overpowering.

As far as instant coffee, the freeze-dried “Valhalla Java” sold by Death Wish has a surprisingly smooth and drinkable flavor. But it lacks the nuanced taste of their fresh ground beans.

So while not the most complex or fruity coffee, Death Wish delivers robust dark roast flavor with impressive smoothness for the high caffeine content.

Does Death Wish Coffee Work?

With up to 728 mg of caffeine, Death Wish Coffee packs a serious stimulant punch. But does it actually provide increased energy, focus, and alertness compared to regular coffee?

Here’s what drinkers report about the cognitive effects of Death Wish Coffee:

  • Intense energy rush – Stronger caffeine jolt than regular coffee
  • Increased focus – Can improve concentration acutely
  • Elevated mood – Boosts motivation and feelings of well-being
  • Caffeine crash – What goes up must come down; can cause energy lull later

The immediate energy and focus boost is not surprising given the extremely high caffeine dose.

However, some users find the intensity uncomfortable, reporting anxiety, jitters, and rapid heartbeat. Those with caffeine sensitivity may find regular coffee gives them a smoother experience.

Overall, Death Wish Coffee delivers on providing an exceptionally strong caffeine kick. But the benefits tend to be short-lived and side effects likely for some.

Death Wish Coffee Caffeine vs Coffee Alternatives

How does Death Wish compare to other high-caffeine coffees and beverages? Here’s a caffeine showdown:

  • Death Wish Coffee: 660-728 mg (12 oz)
  • Starbucks Coffee: 140-360 mg (12 oz)
  • Espresso: 240-720 mg (2 oz double shot)
  • Energy Drinks: 80-200 mg (8 oz)
  • Pre-workout: 150-350 mg (1 scoop)
  • Caffeine Pills: 100-200 mg (1 pill)

Clearly, Death Wish reigns supreme in the caffeine department, containing up to 5 times more than Starbucks coffee and 2-3 times more than espresso.

The only products that come close are pure caffeine supplements. But these lack coffee’s antioxidants and soothing taste.

For those seeking the ultimate caffeinated beverage, Death Wish is hard to beat. Just beware of health risks at such massive doses.


Death Wish Coffee lives up to its dangerous reputation, packing up to 728 mg of caffeine into a single cup of coffee. While safe in moderation for most, drinking caffeine at this extreme level can come with side effects. Death Wish is a coffee best reserved for only occasional consumption by true caffeine lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Death Wish Coffee bad for you?

In moderate amounts, Death Wish Coffee is safe for most healthy adults. But drinking more than 1-2 cups daily, or 600+ mg of caffeine at once, can cause side effects like anxiety, insomnia, and rapid heart rate in sensitive individuals.

Q2. Does Death Wish Coffee actually have more caffeine?

Yes. Independent lab tests show Death Wish contains 660-728 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, 4-6 times more than typical coffee.

Q3. Why is Death Wish Coffee so strong?

It uses robusta beans with 2-4 times the caffeine of arabica beans, as well as a strong brewing ratio and dark roast style that doesn’t remove as much caffeine.

Q4. Is Death Wish Coffee the strongest coffee?

Death Wish is considered the world’s strongest coffee based on its high caffeine content verified by lab testing. No other major brand on the market contains more caffeine per cup.

Q5. Should I drink Death Wish Coffee everyday?

Drinking it daily is not recommended, as you can build up a tolerance and experience side effects. Limit intake to 1-2 days per week max.

Q6. Does Death Wish Coffee have more caffeine than espresso?

Typically yes. On average, a double shot of espresso has 240-720 mg of caffeine, compared to 660-728 mg in Death Wish. However, espresso can vary more based on beans and preparation method.

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