How much do coffee shop owners make

This is How Much Coffee Shop Owners Make [Ultimate Guide]

Opening up a coffee shop can definitely be a rather lucrative business. But the earnings depend on a number of factors, such as the scale of the shop and its product portfolio. So in this sense – how much do coffee shop owners make?

Some coffeeshop owners earn more than $120,000, while others make less than $75,000.

But the precise numbers depend entirely on the amenities and products that they offer to their customers.

Eventually, it all boils down to the setup of a coffee shop and what it offers.

Nonetheless, many factors go into play when determining the exact figure.

Is Running a Coffee Shop Profitable?

It most certainly is, especially since product margins in this sector are typically high, with an expected gross profit of approximately 65-70%.

But since the exact revenue potential and figures largely depend on your efforts, consider the following factors related to your coffee shop:

  • Does the coffee shop provide comfortable seating space for freelancers and home-based professionals?
  • Does it offer an extensive menu of desserts, snacks, and baked items?
  • Is it located in a densely populated corporate ecosystem, surrounded by office buildings?

Note that more than 90% of American households consume caffeine each day, and most professionals seek out coffee from their nearest coffee shops instead of making it at home.

We all know that a freshly brewed cup of coffee can be hard to resist.

And with over 200 million coffee drinkers, it can surely turn out to be a lucrative business.

All these aspects come into play to determine the earning potential of a coffee shop and to provide a definitive answer to the elusive question – how much do coffee shop owners earn.

How Much Do Coffee Shop Owners Make – 6 Factors to Consider for your Coffee Shop Business

That’s why in this article, we will explore these factors in detail to understand how lucrative your coffee business can be!

How much do coffee shop owners make, barista

1. Invest from Your Own Time and Energy

The coffee industry offers scores of lucrative opportunities and a coffee shop allows you to be your own by turning out a handsome profit each month.

Naturally, this is not a venture that will enable everyone to enjoy success.

Besides business acumen, coffee shop owners also need to invest their passion for hospitality and brewing aromatic coffee blends.

Moreover – the earning potential depends on the expenses and offerings.

Naturally, a sizable chunk of the income will be delegated towards inventory, employee salaries, unexpected repair and maintenance issues and other costs.

Aside from the capital and financial investment, the owner also has to invest his/her time and energies to make the coffee shop a successful venture.

This requires a delicate balance between work and personal life.

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2. Set a Realistic and Detailed Budget

To understand how much do coffee shop owners make, you must account for the expenses they are likely to encounter and these can vary depending on the location, scale, products, and capacity.

Startup capital and operational costs will influence the profits, alongside taxes, employee wages and benefits, inventory, and other expenses.

It is essential to set a realistic and detailed budget.

Owners who are passionate about serving their signature coffee blends often get overwhelmed by money matters.

It is advisable to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to ensure that expenses do not spiral out of control, and profitability is maintained.

How much do coffee shop owners make, cup of coffee and a receipt

3. Try Increasing Sales and Total Receipts

The earnings of a coffee shop come from its total number of sales and the average of its total receipts.

As a coffee shop owner, one can ensure profitability by increasing sales and total receipts or maintaining them at a steady pace.

The number of sales indicates the total number of customers that walk through the door in a day.

More customers lead to higher sales and revenues, so it is advisable to open a coffee shop in a densely populated area close to corporate buildings and residential neighborhoods.

Receipt totals refer to the total amount of money spent by a customer in one transaction.

People mostly walk-in for a cup of coffee and a bagel, or anything to munch on while they enjoy their coffee.

Many people walk into coffee shops to grab their cuppa Joe and something savory to bite into at lunch hours.

Others seek a latte and a snack for the road.

In simpler words, a typical receipt can vary from $2.50 to $30, depending on the prices and offerings.

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4. Offer More Products and Coffee Varieties

How can a coffee shop owner increase receipt totals and revenues?

It’s quite simple: by offering more products and delectables.

Naturally, if you provide an extensive menu of desserts, baked treats, hot and iced coffee varieties, and other beverages, you can increase revenue by tempting your customers to buy more.

Even with just coffee, you can increase receipt totals by offering more variety!

For instance, you can provide an assortment of flavors, dairy and non-dairy substitutes, natural and artificial sweeteners, syrups, or additional shots of espresso.

Each flavor and add-on can be priced differently to allow a customized experience and increase the receipt total.

As opposed to irritating your customers to buy more so you can earn more, tempt them with offerings and allow them to customize their coffees.

Consumers adore a personalized experience, and they will be more inclined to try different addons.

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5. Consider Seasonal and Holiday Menu Additions

Even with the most tempting menu and elaborate setup, coffee shop earnings can experience hiccups because of seasonal preferences, weather requirements, and holiday seasons.

During the holidays, people usually head out of town or spend time with their loved ones.

The demand for coffee is somewhat reduced unless a coffee shop owner has launched robust promotions and activities for the holiday season.

Coffee owners can throw holiday-themed events and introduced new flavors in caffeine-packed beverages a few days before the holidays begin to make up for the lost sales and profits.

Weather is another major consideration that can cause significant fluctuations in coffee shop revenues.

While the demand for hot coffee is typically higher during the chilly cold months of winter, the demand tends to wither away during the hot and humid months of summer.

If the sun is glaring outdoors, people are less likely to buy a hot cup of coffee.

Summer can be the slowest period for coffee shop owners.

Still, sales can be revived by offering an assortment of iced coffee and chilled beverages.

While designing a menu, it is best to account for seasonal demands and preferences and add items accordingly.

A hot cup of cocoa-flavored coffee would be a massive hit for the winters.

At the same time, summer calls for scintillating iced tea or ice-cream loaded frappucinos.

Marketing efforts and promotional activities also play an instrumental role in determining the success of the coffee shop.

Are you promoting your coffee shop menu and seasonal items?

Are you offering any seasonal discounts or free desserts with your signature coffee blends? Social media is a powerful tool to promote your coffee shop and reach out to your consumer audience.

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6. Focus on Staying Ahead of the Competition

Competitors also act as a significant influence on revenues and profitability potential in any given business.

Let’s assume that your location is surrounded by other coffee shops.

In that case, the competition will be higher and consequently, so will your investment.

Complacency can be a silent killer for any business and a coffee shop is certainly no exception.

Healthy competition acts as a catalyst for creativity, encouraging the coffee shop owner to continue experimenting with new flavors and promotional activities.

However, heightened competition can also give birth to pressure, which often kills creativity and overwhelms the entrepreneur.

Note that the coffee shop market is huge, with relevant analytics showing that this market is projected to go to almost $238 billion by 2025 (1)!

As opposed to being overwhelmed by competition, a coffee shop owner can embrace it as a catalyst for creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Staying ahead of the competition is instrumental, alongside innovating at the pace of industry trends.


As a coffee shop owner, you need to strive for profitability and success by winning over your customers.

This is done by incorporating their preferences and surprising them with inventive flavors and delicious treats.

So are coffee shops lucrative? You bet!

It all boils down to proper management, a clear vision and simply knowing what you’re doing.

Now – do you have any experience running a coffee shop yourself?

And if not, do you plan to open one?

Drop your answer in the comments below!

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