Lifeboost Coffee Review: Pricey Scam or 100% Premium?

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Lifeboost coffee review
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In a sea of coffee companies that run hardcore marketing campaigns, it’s a huge challenge to find tasty, ethically right and toxin-free coffee beans. Very few brands are 100% honest about the way they source and process their beans. Yet, one particular company leaves very little room for guessing, and that’s why we are excited to finally reveal our super-detailed Lifeboost Coffee review!

Lifeboost Coffee is a legit premium coffee brand that boasts a range of high-quality 100% organic, single-origin, shade-grown, and fairly traded coffee.

It boasts an amazing flavor, aroma and low-acidity so that it won’t irritate your stomach, which is an especially great choice for cold-brew fans.

Although Lifeboost Coffee’s products come at a more premium price, this seems to be one of the few elite brands that can please the palate of hundreds of thousands of dedicated coffee lovers. 

However – is everything about this brand exactly what they claim?

You’ll find out in the coming paragraphs below.


What is Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium coffee company from the United States that offers healthy, pure, gourmet and high-quality coffee products.

They offer pesticide and mycotoxin-free Arabica beans from a single farm in the mountains of Nicaragua at an altitude of 5,700 feet.

The beans are grown in the shade of the Guava trees that protect coffee plants from damage, which results in better flavor, while encouraging the production of natural sugars.

The beans used are all certified non-GMO, 100% organic, and bird-friendly.

Lifeboost has a strict approach to growing and harvesting beans, which ensures the user receives only the healthiest and highest quality beans and grounds.

The brand is also very considerate about wildlife and makes sure farmers don’t cause any environmental damage in the harvest process.

On top of that, the company is also fair-trade certified for not exploiting/underpaying their hard-working employees – instead, they offer them fair compensation.

You can buy light, medium and dark whole bean roast Lifeboost coffee spiced with exotic flavors such as Caramel Macchiato, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, and Hazelnut, espresso coffee beans and even decaf coffee.

Because all of the beans originate from Central America, you can enjoy that authentic uniform coffee taste.

Lifeboost coffee review, Dr. Charles Livingston, founder
This is the founder Dr. Charles (on the left).


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Who Owns Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee is owned and founded by Dr. Charles Livingston (also known as Dr. Charles).

He is a US-based nutrition expert and a board-certified chiropractor who received his chiropractic doctorate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

His immense interest in health and well-being led to the publishing of his bestselling book named Fat Loss Factor .

All of this in addition to Dr. Livingston being a coffee connoisseur himself, it’s no wonder he put the word ‘healthy’ in focus when developing his coffee brand.

His goal was to provide their customers with coffee coming from a healthy environment, while also offering a pleasing, gourmet experience without irritating the stomach.

And he totally nailed it with the release of the delicious health-oriented Lifeboost catalog.

Lifeboost coffee review, Nicaragua
The Lifeboost coffee is grown and harvested in the stunning land of Nicaragua.

How is Lifeboost’s Coffee Harvested?

It all starts as the farmers rip off the coffee cherries by hand and immerse them in the water for exactly 26 hours.

Then they pick up the beans, wash them in natural spring water, and leave them to naturally dry under the gentle rays of the sun.

This prevents the fermentation and encourages a mechanical process that Lifeboost calls forced demicuilage.

Basically, the farmers dry the beans under the sun for an entire month, until they are free of their outer covering.

This process kills mycotoxins and other toxins, while giving the beans a few extra days to develop an even richer flavor.

To make sure their beans are completely free of toxins, The Agriculture Department tests each shipment of coffee.

Shipments that contain even the slightest trace of toxins are not allowed to be roasted.

The fact the beans aren’t treated with any pesticides or chemical fertilizers (and being free of toxins) proves, once again, that they are 100% natural and organic.

All of this means that their coffee beans are not only environment-friendly, but they also have a positive impact on both the farmers and the coffee lovers who then use the coffee.

What Does Lifeboost Coffee Taste Like?

Lifeboost Coffee has an authentic taste that’s smooth, bold and strong at the same time, without being bitter.

It is also very clean and it boasts low acidity levels no matter which roast type you choose (light, medium, or dark).

You can definitely taste very little bitterness on your palate, provided you brew it correctly.

All Nicaraguan-grown types of coffee beans (including Lifeboost Coffee’s beans) feature fruit hits and delicate chocolatey notes.

The incredible taste and flavor profile of Nicaragua native beans comes from the high elevation (5,700 ft and above) that helps maximize flavor.

Lifeboost coffee review, best coffee banner

Taste & Flavor Profiles of the Different Lifeboost Coffee Products

Below you’ll find the specific flavor profiles of regular and flavored Lifeboost coffee, dark decaf and their specialty coffee products:

1. Regular Coffee (Light, Medium and Dark/Espresso Roast)

1.1 Light Roast

The light roast is surprisingly smooth and potable, unlike most light roast and acidic brews that can be a bit heavy on the tongue.

However, it still has a medium body of coffee so it has some weight to it.

Light roast also features a nutty – hazelnut and vanilla profile and it is fairly sweet, almost like caramel or dark milk chocolate.

1.2 Medium Roast

If you still prefer a lighter, yet more balanced flavor, the medium roast might feel like it.

It still gives you a hint of chocolate and hazelnut flavors but you can tell the fruity, strawberry undertones as well.

The medium roast tastes more exotic and it is, as expected, low in acidity.

1.3 Dark/Espresso Roast

The dark/espresso Lifeboost coffee offers an intense java experience.

One sip and you’ll be able to tell the overwhelming, bold taste of freshly-roasted cacao combined with earthy and smokey tones.

As usual, Lifeboost espresso is less acidic than light and medium roasts so it’s even easier on the stomach.

There’s a reason why most people say Lifeboost coffee is already super delicious without adding any creamers and sweeteners.

They offer superb texture, sweetness, and flavor by default, so most likely you won’t even need any extra goodies.

All three non-flavored Lifeboost coffees tick all boxes when it comes to quality and taste, although you shouldn’t neglect their flavored options either.

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast...

2. Flavored Coffees

Lifeboost Coffee has 6 flavored dark roast beans on offer:

  • Hazelnut
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • French Vanilla
  • White Russian
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Highlander Grogg

2.1 Hazelnut

The hazelnut coffee comes with a nutty, subtly sweet flavor and creamy texture.

2.2 Caramel Macchiato

If you like Starbucks’ caramel macchiato, it’s highly likely that you will fall for its healthier version courtesy of Lifeboost.

Lifeboost’s caramel macchiato is so light and smooth that it doesn’t require much sugar or milk.

2.3 FrenchVanilla

Although the French vanilla falls into the category of standard flavors, its subtle sweetness, earthy undertone, and velvety texture make it truly irresistible.

Moreover, Lifeboost has improved the typical French vanilla flavor for an even bolder experience.

2.4 White Russian

You’ll probably be knocked out of your feet if you have a taste of the white Russian coffee.

Unsurprisingly, the inspiration for this flavor was the White Russian cocktail.

The sweet and creamy vanilla paired with the Kahlua-tasting beans (Kahlua is a famous liqueur used for making the cocktail) offers a heavenly, alcohol-free version of one of the most popular cocktails.

2.5 Pumpkin Spice

The pumpkin spice is exactly what you think of when you hear its name.

A spicey coffee tasting like a pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and clove.

It is creamy, sweet, and daring at the same time.

2.6 Highlander Grogg

The thematic Highlander Grogg coffee comes with a rich and butter-like flavor with nut hints and a vanilla plus rum finish.

You most definitely won’t mind the hint of rum combined with vanilla, dark brown sugar, and sweet caramel.

There’s no doubt that even the single-origin coffee beans can come with some very interesting twists.

But if you find the standard beans boring, maybe you should try one of these adventurous flavors.

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast...

3. Dark Decaf

Lifeboost’s Dark Decaf features a thematic robust and rich flavor.

It can give you that kick you need to wake up in the morning but it makes a great choice right before going to bed as well!

4. Specialty Coffee

Lifeboost also offers several brilliant specialty coffee options, such as:

4.1 Midnight Organic Roast

The Midnight Roast falls into the category of darker roasts and it’s delicious, robust and flavorful.

This organic specialty coffee features a hint of chocolatey, smokey taste and it works well with sugar.

4.2 Espresso Organic Coffee

If you are an espresso enthusiast looking for a specialty espresso coffee, you might want to try this one.

Lifeboost packed it with enough caffeine.

They’ve also made it slightly sweet, robust and flavorful with chocolate, caramel and fruit undertones.

It offers a delicious and intense aroma with low acidity.

4.3 Biotics Cold Brew

Lifeboost claims this coffee boasts immune-system boosting antioxidants, which supposedly makes it the healthiest option on the market.

This coffee offers a crisp and mouth-watering taste.

And you can definitely pair it with sweeteners/creamers, as recommended by Lifeboost themselves.Lifeboost coffee review, coffee beans and mug

Lifeboost Coffee – Hot or Cold?

Lifeboost beans are convenient for both hot coffee and cold brew, although we think that the cold versions have a slight advantage.

Their cold brew coffee comes with even lower levels of acidity than regular cold brew drinks.

Even if you have to wait for 18 hours until your cup of goodness is ready.

You’ll be in for a treat if you go for a medium roast that you then brew in a cold brew coffee maker.

The end result will be a smooth, sweet, and deep-flavored cup of coffee.

What if You Want to Drink it Right Away?

Then simply grind the beans and use the pour-over brewing technique.

It would be optimal if you have a pour-over Chemex coffee maker at your disposal.

This way, you will get a tasteful and smooth medium-light cup of coffee (provided you are using the medium roast).

The dark/espresso roast is amazing as well, as it offers an even sweeter cup of coffee with a hint of chocolate, with no bitterness.

For all black coffee lovers – Lifeboost coffee might tick all your boxes.

You don’t have to add sugar or cream to your cup to still enjoy a rich, bitterness-free coffee.

Adding sugar may just be too much for some coffee aficionados but go ahead if you have a sweet tooth.

Lifeboost coffee review, certified chiropractic physician, recommendation

Lifeboost Coffee Extras

Lifeboost hasn’t launched a new bag design yet, but you still have a choice.

If you don’t like the original pack, you can ask them to send you your coffee in an old-fashioned burlap sack.

Lifeboost have launched a special offer for coffee lovers that are looking for a unique and strong flavor.

Their Pacamara Limited Collection is a mix of large Arabica beans (Maragogype and Bourbon mutation Pacas).

And if you’re not a fan of their coffee for some reason, Lifeboost won’t get mad.

They will give you your money back within 30 days after you receive it.

If there’s a problem with the order, they will refund you as well.

Pros and Cons

Although Lifeboost Coffee has plenty of pros, the gourmet coffee brand still has some cons (as any company out there).

So let’s have a closer look at the good and the bad:

Lifeboost coffee review, thumbs up

+ The Pros +

  • Probably the healthiest coffee available
  • 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Low-acidity
  • Delicious flavors
  • Fair-trade and highly ethical
  • Good for the environment
  • 3rd party tested for mycotoxins
  • Gluten-free (including flavored options)

Lifeboost coffee review, thumbs down

– The Cons – 

  • It may be too sweet if you add cream and sugar
  • Premium prices
  • Shipping is only available for US and Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Lifeboost Coffee so Expensive?

Because they offer premium, gourmet-like and highly sustainable organic coffee.

Lifeboost justifies their price by the fact their beans are 100% organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, fair trade and safe for the environment.

Yet, most coffee brands that offer their products within the $16-$24 range are pretty much sustainability-focused (just like Lifeboost).

And maintaining the environment and adequate compensation for the farmers obviously comes at a certain price.

Lifeboost coffee review, best coffee banner, buy now offer

2.Is Lifeboost Coffee as Healthy as They Claim?

Most of Lifeboost’s big health claims are true.

Their beans are indeed mycotoxin-free, which is their primary health-oriented perk.

Mycotoxins are poisonous compounds that attach to coffee plants and beans, destroying their quality and health benefits as a result.

The negative health problems of mycotoxins include liver cancer and respiratory problems, according to a 2016 Fungal Metabolites study (1).

Lifeboost follows strict farming practices and, just in case there are any remaining toxins, they destroy them during the roasting process.

Lifeboost really grows their coffee plans without using any chemicals and the plants are non-GMO as well.

They’ve got a plethora of certifications on pesticide, chemical, and GMO-free beans.

Yet, it’s not exactly true that they don’t use any artificial flavor oils.

They do spray oils over their regular beans in order to achieve one of the flavors we reviewed above.

Also, the beans don’t taste as acidic as some other brands but the acidity is still there and it is basically the same for most coffee (between 4.85 and 5.1 pH).

3. Where can I Buy Lifeboost Coffee?

You can get any of the Lifeboost products either from their official website or through Amazon .

These are the only places online where you’ll find genuine stuff by Lifeboost Coffee.

But with the increasingly growing trend of online shopping nowadays this seems like a logical decision from a marketing point of view.

3.1 Can you buy Lifeboost Coffee in Stores?

No, at the moment Lifeboost Coffee’s products are only available online.

This means that you won’t find them in any physical retail store.

4. Are the Reviews on the Lifeboost website reliable?

A quick check with Fakespot’s review system (2) showed that around 60% of the reviews on the website were unreliable.

That’s not exactly shocking as this seems to be a marketing technique used by an awful lot of companies online, unfortunately.

This is also a great reason to always look for independent and objective reviews on the internet, regardless of the product or service.

There are also claims that Lifeboost deletes their negative reviews, but again – this is something most brands do.

Lifeboost Coffee Review – Final Verdict

Lifeboost Coffee truly cherishes the commitment to ethical standards, sustainability, and environmental protection.

These are all more than valid enough reasons for everyone to want to try their coffee.

On the other hand, the fact their coffee is completely organic, certified, mycotoxin-free and delicious makes the whole thing even better!


For these reasons, we would totally recommend this coffee brand to anyone who wants a truly premium gourmet coffee experience.

Now, do you find our Lifeboost Coffee review helpful?

How much are you willing to spend on high-quality coffee beans?

And have you got the chance to try some of the Lifeboost flavored coffee options?

Leave your answer in the comments below!

Last update on 2022-05-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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4 thoughts on “Lifeboost Coffee Review: Pricey Scam or 100% Premium?”

  1. I have wondered about these low acid coffees. Just didn’t make sense to me the low acidity claims as the PH of the water you use to make it and the fact most coffee has a known PH seemed like a scam but I guess some don’t advertise it well. I now see that it is more about the reaction of some people’s digestive system to coffee and the additives some may have rather than the actual PH. Probably should give this brand a try.

    1. Hi Paul and welcome aboard!

      Some light roasts have a lower pH, so not all coffee is the same although it generally hovers around a pH of 5.

      But regardless of the brand, be it Lifeboost or another one, you can make your cup of Joe less acidic with the following neat little hack – add some milk.

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon


    I bought six bags of LifeBoost DECAF DARK roast coffee but received six bags of light roast regular ground coffee.
    Neither my wife or I can drink regular coffee because of heart issues but love the taste of good coffee. I need to exchange this coffee for what I ordered (i.e six bags of DECAF DARK roast coffee)
    You do not seem to have any “customer service phone number or email address. I will file a fraudulent credit card issue if this is not resolved.

    1. Hi there Gustave,

      That’s unfortunate.

      I’d suggest going to Lifeboost Coffee’s website and contacting them about this problem. If the company is indeed what they say they are, they’ll send you the right order (i.e. the decaf dark roast coffee).

      Let me know how it went so that I can add the information to my review if needed so that others know what to expect.

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon

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