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This is What a Mocha is – The Ultimate Guide

Okay, so plenty of self-professed home baristas out there enjoy sipping Mocha – a delicious caffeinated beverage special. Yet, even some of the well-versed coffee aficionados fail to answer this simple question: What is Mocha?

Mocha or Caffe Mocha is an espresso-based drink consisting of steamed milk, chocolate and a shot of espresso.

The added powdered dark chocolate is the secret ingredient that separates Mocha (a cappuccino variation) from similar drinks.

But if you’re a coffee lover that has a sweet tooth, you will never confuse Mocha with another espresso-based drink.

For real, it’s easy to mistake one milk-and-coffee type of beverage for another (i.e. Mocha for latte)

And in the paragraphs below, we are going to be answering some sweet, espresso-ish questions and getting you into the fine intricacies of Caffe Mocha.

What is Mocha Made of?

Mocha is made of steamed milk, chocolate and espresso – that’s all.

Even though Mocha beans taste like chocolate themselves, baristas usually enhance the hit by adding some more chocolate to the beverage.

Authentic Mocha is made of two-fifths of espresso (some even go for two shots), one-fifth of steamed milk, and one-fifth of chocolate.

Some delicate chocolate chunks (or alternatively chocolate syrup) is what makes this beverage so special.

But if chocolate is not your thing then high-quality cocoa is fine as well, as it offers the right amount of sweetness.

Mocha features milk and espresso, which gives you options when it comes to making a decent cup.

The easiest way to make a cup of Mocha is to use an espresso machine, even though you can prepare Caffe Mocha without a machine.

Mocha Origins – Where Do These Coffee Beans Come From?

The Mocha beans originate from Mocha (Yemen), although these beans are also harvested in Ethiopia (Africa).

Now, there’s some confusion when it comes to the famous Arabica beans and the Mocha ones when it comes to preparing Mocha coffee.

Note that Mocha coffee beans are harvested from the Yemen-native Coffea Arabica beans (Arabian coffee)!

Instead, we use Arabica mocha beans for making Mocha coffee.

These beans introduce that distinctive sweet and natural chocolate flavor and are they’re readily more available too.

Mocha beans were coming through the Al Mokah port back in the 18th century (the name of the port caused the slight confusion).

And unsurprisingly, the Mocha coffee beans are still grown in some parts of Yemen today.

These beans seldom come to Europe or America because they are somewhat of a rarity.

What’s The Difference Between Mocha Latte and Mochaccino Though?

You can often hear about Mochaccino and Mocha latte and guess what – they’re not the same.

Mocha latte is made with hot chocolate, milk foam, five-eighths of steamed milk, and one-eighth of espresso.

While Mochaccino includes the same amount of milk froth and steamed milk but one-third of espresso.

Speaking of Mocha variations, you can make an adult version as well by adding a shot of your favorite whiskey to it.

Italians rave about their layered Mocha type – a shot of espresso, followed with cold cream and finished off with some shaved chocolate.

Everything’s allowed except for mixing ingredients.

What is Mocha, a man adding milk to coffee

How to Make a Decent Cup of Mocha at Home

Espresso and chocolate make a match made in heaven.

But, if you want to make a decent cup of Mocha at home, follow these tips:

  1. Use freshly roasted beans. Otherwise, you can’t escape the stale and burn flavor of your Mocha. Not even chocolate and cream would help you if the coffee has gone bad.
  2. Be generous with chocolate. Don’t go for just any ingredients. Cheap syrup would only spoil the flavor.
  3. Mix some cocoa powder and chocolate with freshly grounded beans to achieve a fuller taste of Mocha.
  4. Turn your kitchen into a coffee shop. Add chocolate crumbs or whipped cream on the top and you will get lost in the taste of your Mocha without realizing you haven’t stepped out of your home.

What is Mocha, espresso machine

How to Make Mocha Coffee with an Espresso Machine

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Espresso pod or 15-18g of ground espresso,
  • 250-300g of milk,
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup or 3 tablespoons of sweetened cocoa,
  • Whipped cream.

You will also need a 350ml cup.

How to prepare your own Caffe Mocha using an espresso brewer:

  1. Place the desired amount of espresso grounds to a portafilter and tamp the coffee grounds well.
  2. Wait for about 25 seconds for the water to pass through the grounds evenly.
  3. The shot is pulled through now, so pour it as a base to the cup.
  4. Add chocolate syrup and mix it well with espresso.
  5. Steam the milk by holding the wand nearer to the bottom of the jug. Place the jug near the surface from time to time to make foam. The ideal milk temperature is about 150 degrees F.
  6. Pour the milk from the height of four to six centimeters above the cup and bring it closer as the volume in the cup rises, making sure you are aiming into the center. This way, you can create fancy shapes on the top of your Mocha.
  7. Alternatively, add some whipped cream and/or chocolate for garnish.

Is Mocha the Same as Coffee?

Yes, after all Mocha is a type of a coffee drink based on espresso.

As we previously mentioned, espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks out there.

And espresso happens to be an essential ingredient of Mocha.

However, Mocha features two additional ingredients – milk and chocolate, which differentiates it from regular coffee (espresso in this case).

What is Mocha, two cups of coffee

Mocha versus Latte

Mocha and latte are among some of the favorite coffee drinks of coffee lovers across the globe.

Even though both are based on good old espresso, these two drinks still have a couple of key differences.

Latte involves one-sixth of espresso, one-sixth of foamed milk, and four-sixth of steamed milk.

Also, it’s served in eight-ounce cups and latte features a nice, velvety and extra-creamy texture.

However, it lacks the full strength that Caffe Mocha offers.

Due to the dark chocolate undertones, Mocha offers a distinctively strong and bold flavor.

It also has a much higher caffeine content than caffe latte as well (around 156 mg per cup).


So… what is Mocha?

It’s a sweet, indulgent and rich coffee drink that’s a distinct variety of espresso that those of you with a sweet tooth are bound to love.

It consists of a unique mix of espresso and chocolate tastes delicious if you prepare it at the perfect temperature.

Now that you know what Mocha is, will you rush to the closest coffee shop or will you just make this fancy beverage from the comfort of your home?

How do you like your Mocha by the way?

Authentic, Mochaccino, iced?

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