What is Nespresso? [The Ultimate 2021 Guide] + Extras

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What Is Nespresso
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Hey, coffee fan! Is there anything you love more than a shot of strong espresso in the morning? Some avid coffee drinkers can only envy that barista from the nearby coffee shop making such a lip-smacking cup of espresso. And you must have heard of Nespresso, right? It sounds to espresso, but where’s the catch? Now that I am mentioning it again, it certainly makes you wonder what is Nespresso at all?

Nespresso is a sub-brand of Nestle that focuses on offering coffee makers that work with coffee pods or capsules.

This revolutionary global coffee brand that helps you prepare a yummy cup from the comfort of your home, nice and easy.

The Nespresso machines are essentially single-serve brewers that work with coffee pods only.

They contain ground coffee from roasted beans that may even have added flavors, depending on the type.

And guess who’s behind Nespresso?

The international food giant Nestle.

You see, Nestle came up with this revolutionary concept 30 years ago with one idea in mind.

These guys wanted to make it easy as one-two-three to any coffee lover to create a perfect cup of morning espresso.

So that’s exactly what they did with their trademark Nespresso coffee capsules.

What is Nespresso, coffee shop

Where Can You Find Nespresso?

Mostly in online retail stores i.e. Amazon, although you can find it in physical shops as well, albeit mainly in Europe.

Now, If you’re living in the US you’ve probably only heard about the yummy Nespresso taste.

That’s because this brand isn’t quite as popular as Keurig’s K-Cups in America.

Nespresso is hailing from Switzerland as people all over Europe have enjoyed the taste of Nespresso for decades.

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North America has already got a chance to enjoy the delicious aromas that Nespresso offers.

This Nestle sub-brand is actually quite big in Europe where java lovers are able to sip on the coffee made from those cute little Nespresso capsules.

Now, to be honest, it has been sending shockwaves through the whole coffee industry in America too.

And, not only it brought changes to the coffee industry, but it has affected the way people start their days and even their meals.

You can now enjoy a luxurious, rich coffee taste yourself without traveling to Bray or Mayfair.

All thanks to Nestle and their Nespresso coffee makers and capsules.

Of course, the convenience of online retailers like Amazon who offer all kinds of different Nespresso coffee pods and coffee makers.

What is Nespresso, two cups of espresso on a table

Does Nespresso Equals Espresso?

Yes and no.

Although there’s an espresso range of coffee pods from Nespresso, the espresso itself will not have the same taste.

The technology used for making espresso is slightly different between a traditional espresso machine and a Nespresso unit.

Sure, Nespresso offers great convenience and versatility.

It lets you enjoy all types of coffee, like espresso, macchiato and latte from the comfort of your home.

But espresso machines will give you a more genuine shot of espresso than when making it via capsules in your Nespresso coffee maker.

Here’s how espresso coffee makers work. Super-fine coffee grounds are exposed to 7-10 atmospheres of pressure.

This results in highly concentrated coffee which is then poured into a small cup a.k.a demitasse cup.

On the other hand, Nespresso machines usually can’t generate the same amount of pressure (but don’t take this as a disadvantage).

Also, espresso machines are robust and heavy-duty, while Nespresso ones are super-easy to handle and compact.

With espresso machines, you just have to apply the right amount of pressure until you get a consistent shot.

Yet, this can be a bit tricky as applying uneven pressure will certainly hurt the flavor.

You simply can’t have these headaches with Nespresso.

Thus, if you are looking for an espresso machine exclusively, Nespresso might not cut it for you.

And I’m not implying that Nespresso units brew unpleasant coffee – they do actually make marvelous coffee!

It’s just that there’s a difference in the flavor department between coffee brewed from an espresso unit vs a Nespresso one.

Now, the espresso in Nespresso pods is slightly less intense, although still rich in flavor.

However, traditional espresso is full-flavored and after all, it’s the real thing.

If you are not a fan of that acidic taste of espresso, you will fall for Nespresso with the first sip.

What is Nespresso, ground coffee
This is what ground coffee looks like and this is exactly what’s inside the Nespresso capsules i.e. pods!

Is Nespresso Real Coffee?

Yes, Nespresso is made of 100% real ground coffee from roasted coffee beans.

Basically, this means that each capsule gives you the coffee that you love, but in a more convenient manner.

There are no measuring cups here or the chance of spilling the coffee grounds everywhere.

You’re just getting delicious and quality ground coffee in capsule form.


Because it won’t make a mess and it’ll save you time.

Another thing is that Nespresso doesn’t contain instant coffee since as previously mentioned, these pods are made from genuine coffee grounds.

Also, you can be carefree in terms of any potentially harmful chemicals, as there are none in Nespresso pods.

What About Nespresso Coffee Machines?

When it comes to espresso, Nestle makes it possible to make a cup of authentic espresso with their machines leaving no coffee grounds on your countertop.

And even better, these machines are affordable and compact as well.

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You will have it all in one product – simplicity, efficiency, high-quality, amazing flavor, and easy cleaning.

Simply insert the sleek coffee capsule filled with coffee into the machine, press the button and you’ll have a cup of your favorite coffee.

All of these machines provide easy insertion of the pods and come with a patented extraction system that produces tasty and smooth brew each time you use it.

And capsules are the ones to “blame” for the vast success of the whole Nespresso campaign.

The design department of Nestle came up with the idea to design the capsules so they can be pierced and processed within the machine at high pressure.

Clever, eh?

Even Celebrities Love Nespresso!

Many celebrities have trumpeted Nestle and Nespresso in the past.

For instance, many women’s favorite male actor George Clooney is Nestle’s brand ambassador.

He even makes an appearance in a series of Nespresso commercials, one of which you can check in the video above.

Seriously, the aforementioned Nespresso ad is hilarious and a great marketing tool for the brand so kudos Nestle!


Nestle has been conquering the food market for years.

However, the roaring success they achieved with Nespresso has definitely wowed coffee lovers across the globe.

You can choose between latte, macchiato, cappuccino, and espresso – even how strong your coffee will be.

So, next time you hear someone ask what is Nespresso, you’ll know the answer.

It’s a combination of a myriad of seductive, flavorful aromas that provide consistency with each brew.

And last but not least, Nespresso makes the routine of drinking coffee even more pleasant than it is.

Have you ever had a cup of Nespresso coffee?

How was it?

Share your impressions in the comment section below!

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