Where should coffee maker go in kitchen

Where Should Coffee Maker Go in Kitchen? The Proven Fix!

Honestly, the kitchen has got to be one of the busiest places in every home on planet earth. There’s just so much to do there, so much to prepare and of course so much java to drink. Like the best-selling coffee on Amazon, that’s bound to find a place in your kitchen. And since the words kitchen and coffee go hand in hand, where should coffee maker go in kitchen?

Now, the answer to this question is mostly subjective, depending on your own preferences.

But if you want less clutter in the kitchen then arguably the most optimal solution would be to place your coffee machine on a separate shelf. 

Or simply find a neat spot for it on your kitchen counter that wouldn’t interfere with your other kitchen activities.

Alternatively, if you truly love your coffee then your best bet would probably be to create a coffee station somewhere in your home (most likely in the kitchen).

Then again, your kitchen might be as small as a cardboard box.

However, you can still use every inch of free space and organize things so that your coffee maker doesn’t feel and look out of place.

Finding a fitting spot for your coffee machine would result in an uncluttered kitchen that’s cleat and neat.

Not only that, but you’ll also save tons of time by not wasting time looking for the coffee grounds, sugar etc.

Where To Put Coffee Maker In Kitchen – The Definitive Answer!

Possibly the most convenient and efficient place in your kitchen for the coffee maker would be a separate shelf or a side counter.

Basically, any spot that’s strictly reserved for the devices that provides you with a hot cup of coffee every morning would be a great choice.

That’s exactly why coffee stations are now a thing and why many people have one in their homes.

Because they’re just that – a separate place for anything that you might need for making coffee, including the actual coffee maker that does all the hard work for you.

This will greatly reduce kitchen clutter and you’ll definitely feel less stressed as you’ll know that the sugar, mugs, coffee etc. are all in one convenient place.

Nonetheless – are you still not exactly sure where to place your coffee maker?

Then consider these very important factors that will help you to determine the most optimal spot for it in your kitchen:

Where should coffee maker go in kitchen

Is there an outlet in close proximity to the spot that your planning on putting your coffee maker on?

You obviously need access to electricity if you’re using an electric coffee machine.

Is there enough space there for all your coffee supplies? 

You have to take into account how much space your coffee-making arsenal takes (e.g. spoons, mugs, sugar, the coffee machine etc.).

Does the coffee maker fit your kitchen’s theme?

If your kitchen is all about red and white, it wouldn’t make much sense to place a yellow coffee machine at the center of your kitchen counter.

Although some folks may actually enjoy such color combo.

Do you have any usable vertical space in your kitchen?

If you do, make use of it!

Get creative by using the free space on your kitchen walls by mounting shelves that will provide you with a great spot for your coffee maker.

Just make sure that there’s an easily accessible outlet nearby!

Is Creating A Coffee Station The Best Place For Your Coffee Machine?

It might very well be, depending on the overall layout of your kitchen and its size.

Some of the most awesome benefits of having a coffee station include:

  • It saves you a ton of time as everything that you need for your coffee is in one place
  • It helps you to declutter your kitchen by moving your coffee maker, mugs, spoons etc. to a dedication coffee station
  • It improves the overall design of your kitchen, especially if it’s executed in a stylish and suitable way

So, what if you’re confined by space or you just don’t have access to a free outlet?

Maybe your electric hot pot and toaster are occupying all the free outlets in your kitchen.

In turn, this probably means that your kitchen isn’t designed in an optimal manner and if you live in a small apartment, every inch of free space counts.

Well, this is where a coffee station comes in. In essence, this is a tiny spot in your kitchen, completely dedicated to making coffee.

It doesn’t have to be too fancy or messy – quite the opposite actually.

A coffee station has to be compact, convenient and it should include all the tools that you might need for making coffee.

Where should coffee maker go in kitchen, coffee on a table

20 Totally Amazing Coffee Station Ideas For The Home – DIY Style!

Being the designer of your very own caffeinated corner in your kitchen shouldn’t seem like dealing with quantum physics.

Let me show you 20 extraordinary ideas for creating a neat DIY coffee station at your home:

As you can see, you can literally let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating and designing your coffee station.

Feel free to come up with any color combinations you like and you can also add as many accessories as you want, assuming that you have enough space for that of course.

To be honest, chalkboards are quite trendy these days for both tea and coffee stations and I have to admit that they look simply stunning.

And when you combine that with some darker and bolder colors, you’ll have a very coffee shop-like atmosphere in your own kitchen.

Now, please don’t feel restricted by kitchen counters and shelves when you’re thinking of where to position your coffee station.

Anything from small tables to bar carts would do the trick, especially if they fir the theme of your kitchen.

Besides, using a rolling side table for your dedicated coffee haven offers great mobility and this shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly in a cramped kitchen.

How To Arrange Appliances In Small Kitchen?

If you really want to optimize the arrangement of your kitchen appliances, then consider investing in extra shelves.

Also – utilize your cabinets in an optimal way and even using your pantry for storing kitchen appliances (if needed).

These are undoubtedly some of the most effective, tried and tested techniques for properly arranging your kitchen appliances when you’re limited by space.

However, before you start optimizing your kitchen cabinets and getting additional shelves, you have to familiarize yourself with the common kitchen zones:

1. The Food Storage Zone

Essentially, this is where your refrigerator and freezer are.

You can think of the food storage zone as the place where both your chilled and non-chilled foods are situated in.

2. The Food Preparation Zone

This area includes everything that you might use to prepare food with.

Obviously, this includes anything from small electrical appliances (e.g. your microwave) to bowls that are used for mixing stuff and all kinds of sauces, spices, herbs etc.

3. The Pots And Pans Zone

Your bulk items such as big pots and pans are stored in this zone.

Ideally, you’d want this area to be located right next to your food prep zone.

4. The Cleaning And Waste Zone

This zone is host to all the cleaning tools for your kitchen, plus the waste bin, dishwater and the sink unit.

5. The Tableware Zone

Anything from the glasses, plates, cutlery and even small appliances (e.g. a compact coffee machine) go in this area.

It’s safe to say that a good number of all kitchen storage items go here.

Bonus Tip: Consider Using Build-In Appliances

By opting for appliances that are integrated into your kitchen cabinet and countertops, you’ll be able to free up insane amounts of space.

For instance, just think of how much you can really reduce the clutter in your kitchen by having a hanging microwave.

Instead of a standard one that takes up space on your kitchen counter.

And trust me, built-in appliances are not only super practical – they’ll add more styles and finesse to the overall look of your kitchen.

Many of the contemporary kitchen designs revolve around integrated appliances.

Because they add more practicality and they’re more aesthetically pleasing.

5 Home Coffee Bar Accessories That You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With

If you’ve finally committed to creating your very own coffee station or coffee bar, then you’re probably wondering what kind of accessories you can add to it, so that it may truly stand out.

Well, I’ve compiled a list of 5 home coffee bar accessories that’ll take the aesthetics of your coffee bar to a whole new level:

  1. Wooden coffee stir sticks  – Coffee stirrers are not only always needed (for obvious reasons) and the wooden ones make for a great compliment to each cup of coffee. Besides, wooden sticks with a round shape are very convenient and they’re dirt cheap too.
  2. Cork coffee coasters  – Adding coasters to your coffee bar arsenal is a great idea. They’re great at protecting surfaces (e.g. your table) that you’re placing your coffee or other beverage on. And cork coasters have superb absorption power, they’re mega durable and virtually maintenance-free.
  3. No products found. – Don’t know about you, but when it comes to coffee station decorations, nothing can beat wood. It simply adds warmth and having a stylish serving tray is always useful for carrying hot beverages like coffee.
  4. Personalized coffee station sign  – Having a customized sign that fits the theme of your coffee bar will make your coffee place that much more inviting and cozy.
  5. Rustic chalkboard with wood frame  – Yep, something with wood again. And while wood and coffee make for a brilliant combination,  a chalkboard that you can write whatever you want on will most definitely add that ‘wow’ factor to your coffee station.

But these are just my own personal recommendations.

By all means, feel free to go for any kind of accessories that you think will fit the theme and style of your coffee bar.


Finding a suitable place for your brewer is generally quite subjective, without a shadow of a doubt.

But whether you’re using a single-serve coffee brewer or a coffee maker with pods, there are certain guidelines that can certainly help.

Basically, if you’re struggling to find a good spot for your coffee machine, consider using a separate shelf for it or even better, create your own coffee station and forget about it once and for all.

What’s the ideal place for a coffee machine in a kitchen in your opinion?

Feel free to leave your answer in the comments below!

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