Which coffee maker is easiest to clean

Which Coffee Maker is Easiest to Clean?

It’s safe to say that nowadays it’s almost impossible to come across a household without a coffee machine. And because we love our coffee makers so much, it’s our responsibility to maintain them properly. This means cleaning them on a regular basis, whether it’s by using a coffee maker cleaner or alternative methods like vinegar. But come on, the cleaning process of a coffee machine can be quite grueling. And like me, I’m pretty sure that you’re dying to know which coffee maker is easiest to clean?

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After doing my fair share of research, it turns out that the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Machine  is the easiest to clean coffee machine based on the associated ratings.

This automatic coffee and espresso maker has a top “Easy to clean” rating, including a great overall rating.

So it’s easy to see why this coffee machine is so popular, especially since cleaning it such an effortless process.

Quite frankly, no one can escape the shackles of cleaning and maintaining a coffee maker.

That’s exactly why it’s of paramount importance to get yourself an easy to clean machine if you want to preserve your nerves and health that is!

However, thanks to modern technology we now have self-cleaning coffee machines and they can make the cleaning process even more effortless.

What is a Self Cleaning Coffee Maker Though?

This is a regular coffee maker with the added bonus of having a self-clean function.

And to be honest, it’s not a particularly complicated functionality.

In essence, you’ll have to fill the water tank with a cleaning mixture (e.g. water and vinegar) and then use the self-clean program.

It simply runs the mixture that you’ve poured into the reservoir through the entire system of the machine, thus cleaning it from any dirt and calcium.

Now, while this may seem like something that just about every coffee machine unit out there should have, this is actually not the case.

It’s worth pointing out that there are only a handful of self-cleaning coffee makers on Amazon (1 of these is for commercial use) and the best ones are:

Nonetheless, let me give you an example of how a self-cleaning function works:

  • You fill the water reservoir with a cleaner (like a water/vinegar mix)
  • You then press the ‘self-clean’ button
  • The coffee maker goes into a ‘self-clean’ mode
  • The entire system of your coffee machine should now be clean

The whole idea is quite simple, yet pretty efficient as this cleaning feature will most definitely extend your machine’s life.

How? By getting rid of any calcification build-up in the water tank.

What’s The Best Self Cleaning Coffee Maker On The Market Right Now?

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffee Maker  is the best one, especially as its the top-rated brewer in this category.

This DCC-1200 coffee machine comes with Cuisinart’s top-notch reputation, superb built-quality and a capacity of 12 cups.

But above all, this coffee machine courtesy of the company Cuisinart has a self-clean mode that you can benefit from.

Essentially, this coffee maker is smart enough to know when there’s a calcium buildup in the system.

As a result, the self-clean light at the front of the DCC-1200 starts to flash when the machine is turned on.

This makes cleaning this coffee maker child’s play, as opposed to other brewers like the Flavia coffee machine, which is definitely more complicated to properly clean.

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So this flashing light informs that it’s time to clean your coffee maker by filling its water tank with a mix of 2/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar.

And with the simple touch of a button, it goes into ‘self-clean mode’.

Thus, it cleans itself from the inside, using the water and vinegar combo that you’ve poured into the water reservoir of the machine.

Don’t forget that a calcium buildup (i.e. calcification) in your coffee maker will have a negative impact on its life span, as well the flavor of your coffee!

Honestly, I think that Cuisinart are totally obsessed with the cleanliness and perhaps that’s why the DCC-1200 coffee maker uses a permanent gold-tone filter and a charcoal filter for the water.

These filters are there to make sure that you’re getting a clean and fresh cup of coffee each time…

Assuming that you ever use the self-clean function of course!

Which coffee maker is easiest to clean, barista working

Does A Self Cleaning Coffee Maker With Grinder Even Exist?

Yes and again it comes from the US home appliances brand Cuisinart – the CUISINART DGB-800C burr grind and brew coffee maker  with a 12-cup capacity.

It has a built-in coffee grinder and a self-cleaning mode, making it a truly unique coffee maker that screams convenience.

This coffee machine uses a direct flow grind assembly that moves the beans through a professional-style burr grinder straight into the brew.

There’s also an auto-rinse feature that’s supposed to guarantee that all coffee grounds enter the brew basket, meaning that there won’t be any extra cleanup of coffee residue.

Now, the automatic-rinse technology that cleans the coffee ground outlet of the machine on its own and is quite spectacular and very handy.

On the other hand, though, the self-clean mode is exactly the same you’d find in other Cuisinart self-cleaning coffee makers.

You just have to add a vinegar and water mix to the water tank of the machine and initiate the ‘clean’ functionality via a button.

In my opinion, you have to clean your coffee machine (whether or not it has an integrated grinder) regularly to properly decalcify it and extend its life.

Just keep in mind that how often you have to use a self-clean mode depends on 2 things:

  • The hardness of the water (e.g. tap water) that you’re using for brewing coffee
  • How often you use your machine

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

What’s The Best Coffee Maker That Money Can Buy?

Our favorite coffee maker at the moment is the budget-friendly Chemex Classic Series, Pour-Over Glass Coffee Brewer .

Truth be told, it’s easy to see why the Chemex pour-over coffeemaker is arguably the most optimal choice when it comes to buying a coffee maker.

It’s cheap, dead easy to use and gives you a quality cup (or cups) of coffee in no time.

Honestly, brewing coffee couldn’t have been easier – here’s how it works:

  • Place one of the Chemex bonded filters at the top of the brewer
  • Add a few scoops of your favorite coffee grounds
  • Pour only a small amount of hot water (not boiling) over the grounds to wet them
  • Let them soak for 30 secs or so
  • Slowly pour the desired amount of hot water over the grounds (keep at least a 1/4 of an inch between the water level and where the grounds are)
  • Once done, throw the filter out and enjoy your awesome coffee

What truly stands out here is that this pour-over coffeemaker is made of a non-porous, Borosilicate glass.

Why’s that so special you might ask?

Well, because this kind of glass blocks odors or certain chemical residues.

And trust me, these can most definitely interfere with the flavor of your coffee!


Overall, the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Machine  seems to be the coffee machine that’s easiest to clean, according to relevant customer reviews.

But if you truly value your time and want a coffee maker that’s even more convenient and simple to clean, then my advice is to consider getting yourself a self-cleaning coffee maker.

Over to you now – tell me what the easiest to clean coffee maker is, in your opinion.

Drop your answer in the comments below!

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