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Here’s Who Makes Kirkland Coffee [Prepare to be Surprised]

If you ever bought something from Costco, then you already know these guys sell good bargain. Yet, did you take a closer look at some of their products’ packagings (coffee, for instance)? Costco actually uses some help from outside companies, one of which is Kirkland Signature. If you like their coffee, it would be a pity not to find out the truth about… who makes Kirkland coffee?

It’s Starbucks who makes most of Kirkland java and they are behind Kirkland’s coffee beans for the following products:

  • Kirkland Signature House Blend Medium Roast
  • Decaf House Blend Medium Roast
  • Espresso Blend Dark Roast

They sell it in two ½-pound bags and the beans are well-balanced, not too bitter but not bland either.

You can keep them in the fridge, freezer, or on a shelf and they will do well anyway.

But it’s still unclear who stands behind Kirland single-origin coffee beans, which is a more expensive line than the ones customers are used to.

Thus, we are going to focus on what we know for sure so don’t go anywhere!

Who Makes Costco Kirkland Brand Coffee?

Starbucks makes a great deal of Kirkland brand coffee.

At least that’s what the label on the packaging says – “Custom roasted by Starbucks”.

You can buy espresso blend, decaf house blend, and blend medium roast at a relatively inexpensive price and rest assured Starbucks got their fingers in it.

And then we have the rest of the beans sold under the Kirkland Signature label manufactured by third party coffee roasters.

We stumbled upon information that Bumble Bee tuna, Jelly Belly and Reynolds aluminum foil stand behind other roasted coffee products that Costco sells but none of this is officially confirmed.

Yet, if you want Starbucks-only java, then you’d better check for the stamp on the packaging.

  • Fun fact: Costco was selling Starbucks holiday coffee blend (Keurig K-cups and Nespresso pods) online during the holidays and only in select stores.

This warm coffee blend came with a sweet maple taste with hints of herbal spice.

Starbucks Kirkland Signature Medium Roast...
273 Reviews
Starbucks Kirkland Signature Medium Roast...
  • House Blend
  • Medium Roast
  • roasted by Starbucks company

House Blend Medium Roast by Kirkland Signature Review

This is the most popular coffee blend by Kirkland over at Amazon with loads of very positive user-generated reviews.

House Blend Medium Roast by Kirkland Signature coffee is sold at a very attractive price per pound.

It boasts a silky texture and balanced taste with a hint of sweet, chocolatey, earthy, and citrus notes.

We recommend Kirkland Signature’s House Blend Medium Roast if you’re looking for an affordable Starbucks-made whole beans.

However, despite the citrus notes, it is not overly acidic.

Last but not least, note that this is more of a dark roast than a pure medium roast coffee.

Who makes Kirkland coffee, grocery store aisle

Is Costco Coffee Any Good?

Absolutely it is since Costco sells some of the best tasting coffee on the market.

Subsequently, Kirkland Signature’s House Blend Coffee seems to be among their top-selling coffees.

These fair-trade certified, 100% Arabica beans appeal to coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a well-rounded and smooth brew.

Other potentially good-buy coffee products that you can buy at Costco may include:

  • Starbucks French Roast
  • Mother Earth Organic Roast
  • Jose’s Gourmet Coffee Vanilla Nut Coffee

Eventually, it all boils down to personal taste and preference although these are all great picks.


It is no secret that big brands buy and sell products manufactured by other companies.

But even if this information might be right there on the packaging, you could still miss it.

That’s why it’s good to know that Starbucks is the company that makes Kirkland coffee or more specifically their beans.

Now – do you like Kirkland Signature’s coffee?

Have you tried any other famous coffee sold at Costco?

Come on, don’t be shy and drop a comment in the section below!

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8 thoughts on “Here’s Who Makes Kirkland Coffee [Prepare to be Surprised]”

  1. Due to medical condition, I am advised to drink only decaffeinated beverages. After a long run of trial and error, I found Kirkland dark roast fine ground decaf coffee. I served it often and not one of my friends realized it was decaf. I am now nearing the bottom of the last can I bought and was shocked to find that it has been discontinued. In its place is Chase and Sanborn! Don’t waste your time or money. I ended up throwing it out. Why would Costco (or any other grocery store) discontinue such a great product? I am now looking for another brand that stacks up to the Kirkland brand. So far, no luck. Must say, I am very disappointed in Costco and the poor decision of discontinuing my favorite coffee.

    1. Hey Angela and welcome aboard!

      That’s unfortunate indeed – It sucks when a retailer decides to pull out a particular product. I guess it was discontinued due to marketing/business reasons, although only Costco management knows the real answer.

      But if you’re bound to Costco, consider the Peet’s Coffee decaf whole bean coffee. The only drawback is that you’d have to grind the beans yourself, although that’ll ensure maximum freshness.

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon

    2. You can order from Costco online, roasted by Starbuck, 2.5 lbs, $13.99 + $3 shipping cost. There are also decaf from SF Bay; Peet’s; and a couple more brands. This is as of 23 Aug 2021 as Availability come and go. I got Peet’s 4 lbs that are freshly roasted with dates on the bags. They were especially good at the beginning (less harsh than starbuck) but 4 lbs is too much for me
      and they lost some flavor after a few months.

  2. Costco decaf kcups are great. Wish they had a different roast and not only one blend. However, here in OR you can’t find decaf kcups in their warehouses. Only bagged beans. You have to purchase them online and during covid Costco was charging a 2-day fee. Happy to see they have removed them from the 2-day delivery fee. Shame on Costco for ignoring numerous emails and in-store requests to bring this product into their warehouses.

    1. Hey there Kat!

      That’s unfortunate indeed. But Costco primarily cares about their marketing and profit anyway, which explains why customer requests were ignored.

      Maybe try looking at other decaf alternatives in your area if you want to try other roast types and blends.

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon

  3. I was so shocked when I heard Starbucks. Now I have to find another brand. Starbucks uses so many sprays on the coffees. Half your cup is pesticides
    Another disappointment

    1. Hello and welcome to CL!

      Starbucks sure has its flaws, but their Arabica coffee is usually really good.

      However, I don’t like the prices of their regular drinks and that pagan logo that they’re using.

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon

  4. I just purchased the Kirkland brand of Instant Coffee, Medium Roast , 16oz jar for $7.99 at my local Costco Store here in Tustin CA. At first I was somewhat hesitant to buy it based on such a low price compared to many other instant coffee brands carried at Costco for almost double the price. Too my amazement this happens to be some of the best coffee I’ve tasted. The coffee is grown in Vietnam and comes with the UTZ certification. Costco has come up with another winning product!! Wish that I could leave a photo, but that option is not available here..sorry.

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