How to dispose of coffee grounds

This is How to Dispose of Coffee Grounds [The 6 Best Ways]

Properly taking care of your used coffee grounds is crucial unless you want a clogged kitchen drain and a jammed garbage disposer. Aside from the very obvious plumbing issues, tossing coffee grounds into the junk doesn’t make sense. Especially when there are multiple uses of this seemingly waste product. So – how to dispose of coffee grounds then?

You can use them as a:

  • Fertilizer
  • Natural exfoliator
  • Odor absorber
  • Natural dye

Or in other words, there are many creative and useful ways to repurpose and make better use of coffee grounds disposal instead of wasting their remarkable potential!

Whether you run a coffee shop or chug down several cups of coffee a day, we all deal with heaps of coffee grounds on a daily basis.

6 Great Ways for Re-Using Coffee Grounds!

Responsible disposal is crucial to ensure cleanliness and be conscious of the environment.

Keep on reading to understand how to dispose of coffee grounds, responsibly, and creatively in several great methods – here’s how:

How to dispose of coffee grounds, garden soil

1. Fertilize your Garden

Instead of tossing those grounds into the bin, just repurpose them as a brilliant natural fertilizer for your garden!

Now, many seasoned gardeners do not approve of using coffee grounds as a fertilizer as coffee packs up higher acidic levels.

However, you can quickly reduce the pH levels and acidic compounds by rinsing the coffee grounds with cool water!

Coffee grounds are brimming with rich concentrations of nitrogen that makes your plants healthier.

This essential nutrient aids in promoting healthy plants with sturdier stems and roots.

Coffee grounds will also act as an insect, pest, and cat repellant to protect your sensitive flower beds and herbs.

You can even keep it in the kitchen as a quick hand exfoliator after a long gardening (or perhaps dish-washing) session.

How to dispose of coffee grounds, compost in a hand

2. Compost

Coffee grounds aid in eliminating waste and as a result – gardeners across the world use them to create fast-action compost heaps.

You see, coffee grounds are fully compostable and they will help to keep your plants healthy.

On top of that, they’ll also keep your garden free of all kinds of waste.

Coffee grounds can enhance your compost piles’ nutrient composition as they are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium.

If you’re exploring how to dispose of coffee grounds in eco-friendly ways, look no further!

It also means that you’re environmentally-responsible, because phosphorus resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and recycling coffee grounds is a great way to conserve them.

How to dispose of coffee grounds, dirty hand

3. Natural Exfoliator

Coffee grounds act as an excellent natural exfoliator and they also pack up a rich concentration of nutrients.

These nutrients provide superb anti-aging benefits and they fight off inflammation.

More specifically, coffee can aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite, alongside healing the skin thanks to its potent concentration of vitamin B3.

A natural exfoliator made with coffee grounds can help you eliminate dryness, dead skin, dark circles, and sunburns.

Coffee scrubs are also effective at fighting off acne and blackheads.

You simply have to mix up the coffee grounds with one tablespoon of olive oil and gently massage your face with the mixture.

Be sure to exfoliate the areas where the skin is dry and flaky more thoroughly before you wash it off with lukewarm water.

Also, this scrub can function as a full body exfoliator and you can add it to your daily skincare routines for effective results.

However, once you’re done scrubbing, be sure to use a drain stopper to collect the grounds instead of tossing them down the drain to avoid clogging it!

How to dispose of coffee grounds, pig's snout

4. Odour Absorber

Here’s an attractive solution to eliminate the terrible odor that creeps into our pantries, cupboards, and refrigerators:

  • Place some dried coffee grounds inside them to absorb the unpleasant odors!

But first – you have to dry up the coffee grounds by keeping them under direct sunlight.

Once they have dried up, toss them into an old pair of stockings or regular socks and tie up the ends.

You can either place them in your cupboards or pantry or toss the dried grounds in a container or a bowl.

These coffee grounds will leave a refreshing coffee aroma, absorbing all foul odors in your living space.

You can also use coffee grounds to remove the pungent smell of onions, fish, garlic and other food items from your hands.

Just place the coffee grounds in a small container near the sink and massage your hands to rub out all kinds of strong smells.

They also work wonders when it comes to cleaning greasy pots and oily pans.

How to dispose of coffee grounds, girls dyeing hair

5. Natural Dye

With the help of your used coffee grounds, you can even make a natural coffee-hued dye?

Everyone adores the color and texture of coffee and with this simple trick, you can create a natural coffee dye.

This dye can be used on anything and everything:

  • Paper
  • Fabrics
  • Clothing items
  • Brown-toned furniture
  • Hair

You can even use this dye as a wood stain to touch-up and renew your mahogany tables and furniture.

You simply have to soak up the coffee grounds in hot water.

Take the coffee filter carrying the leftover coffee grounds and secure its contents tightly using a rubber band.

Drop the filter into hot water and allow it to simmer until you see a deep and rich color.

Then, add in a teaspoon of vinegar to the mixture, and let the contents cool.

How to dispose of coffee grounds, medicines

6. Disposing of Medicines

Coffee grounds are extremely useful in responsibly disposing of sedatives, narcotic drugs and other widely used medicines.

You can mix up the leftover coffee grounds with unwanted or expired drugs before tossing them in the garbage.

Ideally, medicines and commonly abused prescription drugs must be disposed of with a local drug take-back program.

However, if your community does not have a drug take-back program, leftover coffee grounds are probably your best alternative.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take a sealable plastic bag
  2. Toss in the medicines
  3. Fill up the bag with the remaining coffee grounds.

Seal the bag before tossing it in the trash can and that’s all you need to do.


It’s always good to remember that we have to avoid tossing used ground coffee into the sink or drains as they can cause many plumbing issues.

Besides, when there are so many creative and inventive ways to use these leftover grounds, why would you want to throw them anyway?

You can use them in a myriad of ways including to replenish and beautify your garden with potent nutrients or to restore your youthfulness and heal your skin.

We sincerely hope our article provided you with valuable insight on how to dispose of coffee grounds mindfully.

But now – how do YOU personally dispose of coffee grounds?

Drop your answer in the comment section below!

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