What is Breakfast Blend coffee

This is What Breakfast Blend Coffee is [The Complete Answer]

Okay, we can all agree that all those coffee blends can sometimes get rather confusing. But you can’t really call yourself a coffee expert without being familiar with one particularly popular blend whose name is derived from our first meal of the day. So – what is breakfast blend coffee?

Generally, breakfast coffee blends are made of light roast coffee beans and they tend to be balanced, mild, not overly acidic and slightly sweet-ish.

Another thing that’s common among breakfast blends is that they tend to be lighter in appearance as opposed to say donut shop roasts.

That’s because breakfast blends tend to not be roasted as long as some of the other coffee blends that you might stumble upon.

And in the paragraphs below, we are shedding even more light on the mysteries and misconceptions of breakfast blend coffee!

What is the History Behind Breakfast Blend Coffee?

It all started on US soil when Starbucks introduced to the world their Breakfast Blend Medium Ground Coffee all the way back in 1988.

The company wanted to offer a milder flavor that would appeal to people who find dark brews too strong.

As a result, this authentic blend was lighter in color than their other coffee blends while also making for a more pleasant to drink coffee.

Unsurprisingly, the roasting method behind this blend is generally a lighter roast that brings a milder and more balanced body.

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What Does Breakfast Blend Coffee Mean?

The breakfast blend stands for a flavor profile that features light to medium roast, balanced taste and bright acidity.

What this means is it won’t irritate your tummy even if you drink it on an empty stomach.

In short, the breakfast blend is consistent, light, and well-balanced.

This type of roast is gentle on the palate and makes for a great option to kick start your day with – before or during breakfast.

Yet, don’t confuse it for some of those meek or watery blends either – it will still boast a certain degree of bitterness!

With that being said, note that light roasts such as the breakfast blend can’t reach the temperature at which beans are caramelized.

Thus, you won’t find any nutty or cocoa notes in your morning blend.

The same applies to fruity or berry undertones are more characteristic of more full-bodied coffee blends.

Why is it Called Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Because most coffee drinkers prefer this particular, smooth, balanced and brightly acidic flavor to jumpstart their day.

On the other hand,  the word“blend” stands for the different roast types that coffee roasters come up with.

Thus, you can go for light to medium coffee to achieve the perfect combination of taste and strength.

What is breakfast blend, coffee fruit from Brazil
Coffee beans from Brazil are among the best on the globe.

Which Coffee is Used for Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Brazilian, Colombian, Indonesian and Central American coffee makes for the ideal breakfast blend most of the time.

The first two types are more balanced out while the latter two tend to have a higher level of acidity.

So get the best of both worlds coffee roasters blend different varieties into one batch for a unique flavor and taste profile.

This way, the final product takes a little bit of each coffee bean type.

Yet, each roaster wants to introduce different notes and flavors, so we can’t give a hard definition of the exact types of coffee they use.

Thus, there is plenty of room for experimentation – as long as the final product is not overly acidic or bitter.

Is Breakfast Blend Coffee Just for Breakfast?

Not by any means, despite what the name suggests!

The breakfast blend has a specific flavor profile that most people can enjoy throughout the entire day.

That means you can drink your morning blend coffee during lunchtime or after diner, not just for breakfast.

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How Much Caffeine is in Morning Blend Coffee?

Arabica beans morning blends boast a caffeine content of about 1.2%, while robusta beans have approximately 2.2% of caffeine per cup.

And to put things into perspective, your typical breakfast blend K-Cup pod contains around 75 to 150 mg of caffeine.

You see, the breakfast blends feature a light roast, which means coffee roasters are not processing the beans as long as they do with other blends.

And it’s important to note that the longer you roast the beans – the less caffeine they will have.

Thus, the lighter breakfast blend contains more caffeine despite the fact they have a milder taste in comparison to other roasts.

How Many Calories Are in Breakfast Blend Coffee?

A breakfast blend can have as little as 8 kcal to 136 kcal per an 8-ounce cup on average, although the exact number of calories depends on the ingredients.

Regardless, don’t forget that adding a teaspoon of regular (granulated) sugar to your morning blend will add around 16 extra calories.

Some non-fat milk thrown into the mix adds up about 22 kcal per serving and adding cream or syrup-based flavorings will make your coffee even more calorie-dense.

However, since morning blend is mild and bright, you might find it quite potable even without adding milk or sugar.

And this is definitely not the case with more bitter and darker types of roasts.

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How to Make a Breakfast Blend?

By playing around with different light and medium roasts.

For instance, you can go for New England, Cinnamon, Half or Light City roast and mix it with a City, Regular or Breakfast Roast.

And once you’ve found your top 2 or 3 roasts you can then do this:

  1. Add the desired amount of coffee inside your roaster
  2. Turn the device on
  3. Roast the beans for a couple of minutes but be careful not to over-roast them as you need as light a roast as possible
  4. Add the freshly-roasted beans into a colander and stir for 3 to 5 minutes
  5. Store the coffee or brew it right away

So now you’ll have your very own home-made breakfast blend that you can enjoy with friends and family!

How to Brew Breakfast Blend Without a Coffee Machine?

Here’s the easiest and most straightforward method of brewing a breakfast blend without a coffee maker:

  1. Use your kettle or electric hot pot to heat 6 oz of water
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of your breakfast blend coffee into a cup
  3. Pour the water over and stir with a tablespoon
  4. Let the grounds sit for a couple of minutes
  5. Enjoy

Once you let the coffee grounds cool you can proceed to drink your java from the same cup.

Alternatively, you can strain your coffee by doing this:

  1. Find another cup/mug
  2. Place a strainer over it
  3. Pour the coffee through it

This alternative method is pure gold if you’re not a fan of the taste of ground coffee.

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What is the Difference Between House Blend and Breakfast Blend?

The house blend is the middle ground between a breakfast blend and a dark roast.

Moreover, a house blend features a taste that’s not as mild as that of a breakfast blend, but it’s not as strong as a dark roast either.

Some people consider the breakfast blends just too mild, while others find the dark roast simply too bitter.

While the house blend mixes a bit of everything and it’s considered the best of both worlds by some coffee lovers.

Is Breakfast Blend Stronger Than Medium Roast?

If we take caffeine levels into account – then yes, it is.

Although the fact that the breakfast blend is lighter in color can confuse you, the reality is that it features much more caffeine than medium roasts.

Even more astonishingly, a breakfast blend is more robust than dark roasts too.

But how is that possible you might ask?

Well, it’s because a breakfast blend boasts more mass per teaspoon than darker roasts.


So what is breakfast blend coffee? It’s a blend that’s typically made of light roast beans that tends to be mild, balanced, slightly sweet and not overly acidic.

Now that you know this you can start experimenting with different blend varieties.

Basically, it’s powerful enough to kickstart your mornings while not blowing out your palate at the same time.

By the way – are you personally a fan of breakfast blends?

We are looking forward to your answers in the comment section below!

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