Where to buy demitasse cups

Where to Buy Demitasse Cups? The Ultimate Guide

If you love espresso or Turkish coffee, the chances are that you need to have a demitasse cup/s. Demitasse stands for tiny yet elegant coffee cups with a small capacity (around 2 to 3 oz). However, that’s what makes them ideal for holding your espresso! And this is where the might question comes – where to buy demitasses cups, fast and easy?

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Amazon is undoubtedly your best bet as you’ll find lots of amazing demitasse coffee cups on sale there such as the DeLonghi Double-Walled Thermo Espresso Demitasse Cups .

The great thing about getting your demitasse cups from Amazon is that you’re buying them from the largest online retailer in the world.

This means that you’ll find a huge variety of such espresso cups at very affordable prices with top-notch and fast shipping.

Or in other words, Amazon offers a convenient and reliable way of buying demitasse cups for your espresso needs!

Besides, Amazon has its own Best Seller category that gives you a clear idea about the most popular demitasse cups on the site.

And there are also user ratings for each product there.

So you’ll be able to see how good (or bad) the demitasse cup (or cups) that you’re thinking of buying really is!

However, there’s a reason for paying $100+ for a “simple” demitasse cup.
Now, the most expensive option mentioned above is actually made of ivory bone!
On top of that, it has 24-karat gold and enamel jeweling elements for even more oomph.
Basically, it’s a posh and luxurious demitasse cup for all hardcore espresso fans out there.

What Are Demitasse Cups Used For?

They’re designed for drinking certain, stronger coffee drinks like Turkish coffee, espresso, cappuccino and macchiato which means spotted coffee.

And that’s exactly why these cups are twice as smaller than regular coffee cups.

Demitasse cups have a minuscule capacity that’s about 60 to 90 ml or 2 to 3 oz.

It’s also interesting to note that these tiny cups came from France during the 19th century.

Logically, due to their size, they were meant to be served after dinner has been finished.

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What’s The Best Demitasse Cup?

That’d be the DeLonghi double-walled and thermo espresso cups  because it’s of high-quality and it’s typically among the best-selling demitasse cups on Amazon.
It’s pretty to easy to see why honestly as this cup (or cups even) offers a top-notch price-to-quality ratio.
Seriously – for such a tiny price you’re getting not one but two espresso cups that are made from thermo-glass!
The ratings speak for themselves since these DeLonghi cups have a totally great overall rating (considering how many reviews it has).
You can also put them in the dishwasher without any worries whatsoever.
They’re also condensation-free thanks to the neat double-wall insulation glass that they’re made of.
Thus, there won’t be any of that nasty condensation in the cup that happens when you pour hot drinks in it.
Overall, these 2-oz capacity demitasse cups are simply ideal for both hot and cold drinks, especially coffee like espresso.
Where to buy demitasse cups
Italian demitasse cup with some espresso, yummy!

Yes, there are a few Italian demitasse cups on Amazon.

I’ve even prepared a quick list of the top-rated ones for you.

Here you go:

  • Encora Espresso Cups, Set of 2 espresso shot...  – These beautiful Italian espresso cups come in a stunning brown color. Now, these Encora cups have a stellar rating. They also have thick walls designed to keep your espresso hot for longer.  And above all, they’re manufactured in Italy!
  • No products found. – These espresso cups are made of durable black porcelain and have ‘Espresso’ stamped on it. They’re also dishwasher and microwave-friendly, but they’re made in Poland, not Italy. On a side note, keep in mind that they have a slightly larger capacity (3.5 oz), which is about 3 espresso shots.
  • No products found. – What we have here are Italian, ceramic double-shot (2 oz) demitasse cups. And apart from looking quite fresh, they’re also dishwasher safe. Oh, there’s an integrated rack handle too for maximum convenience!

Greek coffee cups are white most of the time and they’re rather small.

This makes them ideal for both espresso and Greek coffee.

Let me now mention a few Greek demitasse cups that you should be able to find on Amazon:

  • Euro Porcelain 12-Pc."Odyssey" Greek...  – This is the go-to espresso cup if you want traditional Greek motives stamped all over it!
  • No products found. – This one’s also rocking a very-Greek (or even Roman) theme. However, some of you might not be too keen on the Versace logo – I’m personally not a fan of it!

Starbucks Demitasse Mini 3oz Espresso Mermaid Coffee Tea Mug Cup

Demitasse Cup Starbucks – Can You Get One For Your Home?

Most definitely!

You can get your hands on a typical Starbucks Demitasse 3oz Espresso Mermaid Coffee Cup  from Amazon.

This small demitasse cup comes in white and has the popular Starbucks logo with that somewhat weird-looking mermaid (don’t you agree?).

Apart from wearing the Starbucks logo, you can put this cup in your microwave too.

Also, I personally like the fact that it comes in a 3-oz capacity.

This means that you can pour up to 3 shots of espresso in this cup as 1 espresso shot is approx. 1 oz.

Spode Christmas Tree Espresso Cups & Saucers Set

What About Christmas Demitasse Cups – Do They Even Exist?

Absolutely and once again, you can find such Christmas espresso cups on Amazon.

Perhaps the top-rated among them is the Spode Christmas Tree Espresso Cup , which has a superb overall rating.

To be honest, this cup is quite beautiful and totally fitting for that cozy Christmas atmosphere.

It’s made of high-quality earthenware, while also being dishwasher-safe.

And the 3-oz capacity gives you the opportunity to pour more than a single espresso shot inside if you prefer stronger coffee!

Demitasse stands for “half-cup” in French – that’s where the word comes from.

It means half-cup because these tiny cups are only meant for espresso and other highly-potent coffee drinks.

Besides, the name accurately represents the capacity of demitasse cups since they’re two times smaller than regular coffee mugs.

The correct way to pronounce demitasse would be – ˈdɛmɪtæs.

However, even if you say that with a slight accent people should understand you anyway.

I mean, there’s only one kind of demitasse cups!

Alternatively, you can just say espresso cups, which is basically the same thing.

No products found.


Now you know where to buy demitasse cups as there’s no doubt that Amazon is your best bet if you’re looking to buy demitasse cups.

Not only is it arguably the biggest online retailer, but you’re buying from a huge, reliable and world-renown company.

Furthermore, they have a massive product catalog to choose from.

So, you’re getting your espresso cups in a fast, affordable, reliable and convenient way – count me in!

But do you personally have demitasse cups at home?

And if yes, what capacity are you using – 1.5 oz, 2 oz or even 3 oz?

I’d love to know so leave your answer below!


Where can I buy demitasse cups?

There are several places where you can buy demitasse cups, including online retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair.

You can also find them in stores that sell kitchenware, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and Crate & Barrel.

What are some features to look for when buying demitasse cups?

When buying demitasse cups, it’s important to consider the material they’re made of, the size and shape of the cup, and the design or style of the cup.

Common materials include porcelain, ceramic, and glass.

The size and shape of the cup can impact the taste and aroma of the coffee or espresso, so it’s important to choose a cup that is the right size and shape for your preferences.

Finally, consider the design or style of the cup to ensure it matches your personal taste and complements your existing dishware.

Can I buy demitasse cups in bulk?

Yes, many retailers offer demitasse cups in bulk quantities, especially online retailers such as Amazon and Wayfair.

You can also check with manufacturers or wholesalers to see if they offer bulk pricing.

What is the average cost of demitasse cups?

The cost of demitasse cups can vary depending on the material they’re made of, the brand, and the design.

On average, porcelain and ceramic demitasse cups can range from $5 to $20 per cup, while glass cups can range from $2 to $10 per cup. However, specialty or designer cups can be significantly more expensive.

Are there any specialty stores that sell demitasse cups?

Yes, there are several specialty stores that sell demitasse cups, particularly those that specialize in coffee or tea.

Some examples include Espresso Parts, La Marzocco, and Espresso Supply. You may also find demitasse cups at boutique kitchenware stores or specialty gift shops.

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